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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

New Hampshire has the Free State Project, which has an annual get-together called PorcFest (short for Porcupine Freedom Festival, not the U.S. Congress). New Hampshire also has an active independence movement. Dave Ridley asks: should PorcFest invite the world’s diplomatic corps to the upcoming PorcFest?

Is it Kiev or Kyiv? That’s more than just a spelling issue. Our editor shows why.

TLE uses to alert users to new issues. As such, we get occasional emails from them. Given that Paypal (which we also use) is getting hinky about who it will do business with, we’re keeping our eyes open for alternatives. So, apparently, are the folks at They’ve just launched GabPay. Note: they do charge a transaction fee, 1.9% plus $0.15.

Meanwhile, if all you want to do is transfer money, Square Cash does not charge a tranaction fee but does require a mobile phone number.

Links! Have we got Links!

In a protest against censorship, photographer A.L. Schafer staged this iconic photograph in 1934, violating as many rules as possible in one shot.

In case you want to follow the follies of the Libertarian National Committee, Independent Political Report. It says, “Covering Third Parties and Independent Candidates Since 2008”. They do occasionally mention the Green and Constitution parties, and probably others I missed.

Not unrelated to Leslie Fish’s proposal for working with the homeless in the last issue, Low Expectations Lead to Low Results

“American history can best be understood not as a single continuum but as a series of Republics, each arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The First Republic, born of the American Revolution, ended with Andrew Jackson’s Trumpian assault on the genteel elites of his day. Jackson’s Republic in turn collapsed into the fratricidal bloodshed of the Civil War, which gave birth to a Third Republic, ruled by an incredibly wealthy class of Northern-based industrial capitalists, which collapsed in the face of the Great Depression. The Fourth Republic, Franklin Roosevelt’s, was centred around the strong Federal state that won the Second World War, sent men to the moon, and overcame the rival Soviet empire.” How Turbo-Wokism broke America

This article is primarily about the EU. For our American readers, often EU privacy policies show up later in the US, often via California. Data Retention And The Devotees Of Mass Surveillance

Taking Rights Seriously, by Judge Napolitano, is an examination of what rights are, and who is obliged to honor them — and who actually does.

U.S. Congressman Introduces Gold Standard Bill as Inflation Spirals Out of Control Alas, it has all the chances of an honest man in Washington, D. C.. However, there’s the Sound Money Defense League. And there is also a ranking of states, the 2022 Sound Money Index. I’ll note that Wyoming is #1, showing that there some things those corrupt idiots in Cheyenne haven’t gotten around to screwing up. Yet. Don’t tell them.

Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard podcast. It’s aout time you did this, Ms. Gabbard. What next? And of course the repercussions are huge: With Tulsi Gabbard Out Of Democratic Party, Title Of Hottest Democrat Goes Back To Nancy Pelosi

No good deed goes unpunished by the state. Texas Roofer Arrested in Florida for Helping Hurricane Victims. Another reason to abolish occupational licensing.


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