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 by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

L.Neil Smith’s Blast from the Past applies today. To both major parties. Like Socialist Party A, Socialist Party B doesn’t care for the rules when the rules produce results they GOP doesn’t like. Case in point, the Wyoming Republican Party today, which is facing three lawsuits — lawfare — from disgruntled “RINOs”. Or the liberal wing of the GOP in 1964, when Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Cabot Lodge and George Romney (Mitt’s father) finked out on Barry Goldwater.

Are we still M.A.D. after all these years? L. Reichard White takes on that question. And if you think the American government is dysfunctional, see below about the Russian diplomatic corps.

Speaking of mad, Lance Izumi and Wenyuan Wu take on the effects of politicization on classroom education. “We can’t keep blaming COVID.”

Our resident film critic Sean Gangol has a few lessons for aspiring film makers (and aspiring novelists, as well). (Me, I’m waiting for the feminist reboot of Gone with the Wind. Don’t laugh too loud — in the book Scarlett and other women, prodded by defeat and occupation, do some very un-Southern belle things like run businesses better than their husbands do.)

Links! Have we got Links!

The Diocletian effect (one’s subordinates tell one what one wants to hear, not what one needs to hear) is alive and well in Russia, according to a former Russian diplomat. The Sources of Russian Misconduct: A Diplomat Defects From the Kremlin

Domestic Left-Wing Extremist Groups More Dangerous Than ‘MAGA Republicans’: Experts. Maybe. But none of them is more dangerous than a government.

“Public primary schools were created by states to reinforce obedience among the masses and maintain social order, rather than serve as a tool for upward social mobility, suggests a study from the University of California San Diego.” Educate to indoctrinate: Education systems were first designed to suppress dissent The article doesn’t mention the origins of government schools in Spain (to suppress Morisco culture) and Germany (to suppress either Protestantism or Catholicism, depending on the religion of the ruler), according to Will and Ariel Durant.

“American police live in a place even more wondrous than the one you know from A Prairie Home Companion. In Lake Wobegon, all the children are above average. In Police Land, every cop is a model citizen, including those who outwardly resemble criminals.” Why Do So Many Bad Cops Get Off Easy? (Old [2015], but good.)

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Gun Dealer Sues Biden For Shuttering Firearm Stores Over Paperwork Flukes “As The Federalist documented in June of 2022, this policy adaptation resulted in a 500 percent increase in the number of federal firearm dealers who were forced out of business by the ATF over unintentional record book mistakes.”

The PayPal Fiasco Was No Accident


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