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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Department of Alternate Platforms: 10 PayPal alternatives – for privacy or free speech Whatever your requirements for privacy, ReclaimTheNet]( is an excellent practical resource. Tip of the hat to Jim Davidson for reminding me of them.

In This Issue

In the Letters page, Alan Korwin of Gun Laws teams up with JPFO for a Bill Of Rights Day celebration, and provides some help should you want to do your own.

L. Neil on the government “education” system, and encouraging doxing before the term was invented.

D. McKenzie Smith on what the Second Amendment really means. If you think you already know, it never hurts to take a refresher course.

A childhood hero goes bad, says Sean Gangol.

And some lessons from the collapse of FTX from Jim Davidson.

Links! Have we got Links!

Is the #WalkAway™ campaign working maybe too well? Maybe both major parties are committing electoral suicide? Just a thought.

David Stockman on the Red Drizzle And What Comes Next—MAGA Or Return To The GOP’s 1980 Platform? Some useful data.

The Pentagon has no idea how much military equipment it actually left behind in Afghanistan This is an on-going problem, not just something created in the chaos of the incompetent withdrawal in 2021.

Speaking of military equipment left behind, What is the situation like for Russian soldiers in Ukraine? Some excellent background, including how both the Russians and the west grossly underestimated Ukraine’s will to fight. Russia has a bad case of the Diocletian effect.

Turkey Denied Presidential Pardon After Photos Emerge Of It Attending January 6 For the humor impaired: this is the Babylon Bee. It’s a satire web site. Easy, now.

“The Kairos charter school shows that we don’t have to accept California’s failed school system.” As California Schools Fall Even Further, A Charter School Shows How To Succeed

It used to be that newer cars were the most commonly stolen. So owning a beater was some protection against freelance socialism. Apparently that is no longer necessarily so. Honda is currently the most commonly targeted manufacturer, and the 1997 Accord is the most commonly targeted model year. The Most Stolen Vehicles in the U.S. Note: As far as I can see, NCIB reports total thefts, with no correction for numbers manufactured or registered. If you are selecting a car to buy, these data aren’t as useful as they could be.


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