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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Walter E. Grinder, RIP

If you are in New Hampshire on December 12:

Crypto6 Protest 4:45PM – 6:30PM Mon, December 12, 2022 Fed courthouse, 55 Pleasant St, Concord, NH

“We’re protesting the government’s persecution of Crypto6 activist Ian Freeman…outside the US District Courthouse. Media will be present, bring cameras, signs, etc. Check out for more details.”
– Chris Wade,

This demonstration is set for roughly the fifth day of D.C.’s trial, reportedly the first Fed trial in New Hampshire since about 2020. See also for raw updates. Tip of the hat to Dave Ridley.

Oh, the variety of “gender-affirming” surgical procedures available! Shoulder reduction surgery latest trend in ‘gender affirming care’ And it isn’t just surgery. None of it is cheap. I wonder: who pays for all this? And how? We’ve had conscientious status for people who object to carrying arms since before the Bill of Rights was approved. For places where taxpayers pay for this sort of stuff, how about a conscientious objector status for people who object to genital mutilation and the like?

I recently read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s biography, Infidel (Free Press, 2007). She brings out the horror of female genital mutilation (FGM) as performed in Somalia and other Muslim countries. Is “gender-affirming” genital mutilation any better? For one thing, we do know the long term effects of FGM (baleful). We don’t know the long term effects of “gender-affirming” surgery.

In This Issue

L. Neil Smith applies the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle to guns, and to gun control.

Lots of quotes on conspiracy theories, from D. McKenzie Smith.

Sean Gangol takes time out from writing about movies to reflect on his high school experience.

Microschools ought to be just the thing for education entrepreneurs who want to start small, and maybe even stay small. How does one get the best advice and expertise? Here’s one way, from Kerry McDonald.

Links! Have we got Links!

“For the first time anywhere, the true and complete story of Anarcho Claus, who defies his famous father to bring forbidden toys to non-coercive girls and boys. Little Janie wants something her parents don’t think she should have, but jolly not-so-old Anarcho Claus smuggles it to her under Santa’s radar — and spirits her away to Elf-Land for an eye-opening tour. Three-time Prometheus Award-winner Victor Koman expands Samuel Edward Konkin III’s original story into a full-length book destined to become an Anarcho-Christmas classic!”

The Decline of Higher Education From someone who should know, John M. Ellis, a distinguished professor emeritus at University of California–Santa Cruz.

Teaching our college students to be good little Stasi finks: ‘Ethics’ app at Clemson allows students to instantaneously report on each other with texts, videos

Is there any truth to Russia’s ‘Ukrainian Nazis’ propaganda?: “Russian propagandists are constantly saying Ukraine is full of Nazis, and posting alleged evidence online. DW’s fact-checking team has investigated some of this supposed evidence.” Fact-checking as it should be done.

Feminists would applaud this were it not an unintended consequence of Dobbs: How Dobbs Triggered a ‘Vasectomy Revolution’

Canadian Provinces Refuse to Assist in Trudeau’s Gun Grab and thereby show more spine than most American states.

“My concern is that, once censorship is normalised as a concept, the moral outrage previously invoked by incidents of censorship may be eroded. I believe that classifying social norms as a form of censorship leads us down a slippery slope that ends with advocating for the use of explicit censorship as a tool for enforcing the popular dogma or theory of the day.” The New Age of Censorship: How Postmodernism Reframed Censorship as Productive – Counterweight


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