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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

In This Issue

TLE is please to reprint an L. Neil Smith and Arron Zelman collaboration: they outline their plans for ending gun control.

Jim Davidson looks into Sam Bankman Fried and the collaps of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

A historian, Sean Gangol looks into the ongoing attempts to rewrite the history of slavery.

Links! Have we got Links!

Get your Tom Lehrer recordings and sheet music now while you can. I, Tom Lehrer, and the Tom Lehrer Trust 2007, hereby grant the following permissions: And

Everything You *Really* Need to Know About Dune An interesting analysis of the 2021 and 1984 movies and the book. It includes a discussion of the difference between mercantilism and free markets, and why the system in Dune reflects the former. From the Foundation for Economic Education.

“I, Senior Lieutenant Dmitry Vasilets, am a serviceman in the armed forces of the Russian Federation.” “I would like to draw attention to the fact,” his statement went on, “that I am also a human being and a citizen.” ‘My soul is in my own hands’

Integrity Lost: Like paradise, once lost, it can never be recovered. “Ed Dowd, Tom Lewis and their Maui colleagues diagnosed loss of integrity as a core problem contributing to the COVIDcrisis across virtually all governmental and corporate “verticals”, and developed a solution which they (generously) named the “Malone Doctrine”.”

“Make no mistake, the story of our lifetimes is that we got wildly lucky. It’s not just that most our economy is no longer dedicated to finding fuel (for our corporeal bodies or our machines) but that a vast share of our lives is not consumed with collecting wood or dung, rolling up hay, or gathering berries.” The real transition of the last 700 years was *to* fossil fuels

7 Albums Made By Libertarians In 2022 Check out the whole blog as well.

I need to begin tonight’s show with an admission of error. For more than a decade, I have been saying in all kinds of venues, in my written journalism, in speeches, and in interviews, that the most bizarre and surreal aspect of American journalism is that getting caught lying is no barrier to advancement and success. Specifically, I’ve long said, as long as you lie for the right people and causes mainly to advance the interest of neo-liberal global economic institutions, or do the bidding of the U.S. security state, then, I said, you can lie for as much as you want and it will not have any impact whatsoever on your career in corporate journalism.

But that formulation that I’ve long endorsed is far too generous to the point of being misleading. Indeed, it’s actually untrue to say that getting caught blatantly lying has no effect on one’s career in corporate journalism. I was wrong about that. It does have an effect, a very big effect. Namely, the more you lie on behalf of power centers, the more advancement, promotion, and success you will be guaranteed in the world of corporate journalism. Indeed, even that amended formulation still does not go far enough. It is really not hyperbole to say that if you really want to rise to the top of the heap of corporate journalism, lying on behalf of power centers is a requirement. Conversely, if you’re unwilling to lie for those power centers, then success in corporate journalism is all but impossible. It’s a requirement for the job. It’s really astonishing because it’s literally true, the journalists who lie most frequently, casually, and aggressively on behalf of government and economic power centers, are the ones who shoot at the top of the corporate journalism ladder.

— Glenn Greenwald, The Career-Advancing Lies of Corporate Journalists

Porcfest, the Free State Project’s 20th annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, is scheduled for June 19-25th, at Roger’S Campground, Lancaster, New Hampshire. And you can show up early for Forkfest. Think of it as a alt.Porkfest. Can you stand eleven whole days of libertarians?

University students recruit AI to write essays for them. Now what?

Is it paranoia if they really are out to get you? U.S. Government Has Been Planning to ‘Lockdown and Wait for a Vaccine’ Since 2007

MIT Adopts Free Speech Resolution: “We Cannot Prohibit Speech as Offensive or Injurious.”

“I want nothing to do with state politics, which drives people into a corner.” Escape from conscription: Russian draft evaders in Germany

The Gab Files: UK Government Demands Gab Ban A User For “Stirring Up Hatred” We use Gab to announce each issue. It’s great to see them take a stand for freedom of speech and actually do something about it. There are other libertarians there. We will note the Scottish Libertarian Party. It must be lonely to be a libertarian in a country dominated by the SNP, even if Scotland was the country that gave us Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment.

First Japan, now Italy? Italy may “Build Back Nuclear” — not quite the Great Reset the Greens or Financial Houses had in mind? Or will this just give the EU another reason to dislike the Meloni government?

Does your child’s toy phone home? Data-grabbing toys expose American children to hidden dangers

More use of regulation to suppress disfavored speech. College of Psychologists of Ontario attempt to Strip Jordan Peterson of his License.


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