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This month’s ‘toon is a montage of less than savory police, ahem, protection. The top right picture is the famous “blue bra” photograph from the December 17, 2011, Tahrir Square protests. You’ve probably seen others in your news feed. One of the grievances being protested in Tahrir Square was police brutality.

L. Neil Smith on why we should bring back dueling. Besides helping protect his reputation, that is.

Steve Heller takes a look at quantum mechanics. Which reminds your editor that the fiction of H. Beam Piper, L. Neil Smith, W. Michael Gear and others includes some of these effects.

Jim Bovard testified in support of Defend the Guard legislation in Maryland.


Feb 15 – April 1, 2023: Libertarian Solutions 3.0 online learning course: How to Share the Libertarian Message with Just About Anyone.

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Links! Have we got Links!

Feeling poorer? You probably are poorer. Over the course of 2022, America’s real disposable income fell to its lowest level since the 1932 Great Depression, Heritage economist EJ Antoni said Thursday.” Americans Getting Poorer As Real Disposable Income Plummets Over A Trillion Dollars In 2022

Anatomy of a Cover-up: The January 6 Tapes One would think that the Powers That Be (PTB) would learn that cover-ups never last, and give them up. But the PTB don’t care that cover-ups don’t last forever. They need only last until the PTB are safely out of office and safe from retribution. This is yet another reason we need serious Bill of Rights enforcement (BoRe).

FBI Gone Wild: Internal memos chronicle years of drunk driving, lost weapons and other misconduct

What’s the “Paper Belt” and Why Set It on Fire? Tech entrepreneur to talented youth: Skip college.

Who writes Linux and open source software? Developers and, more to the point, the companies that employ them

“For the children”: the heart-wrenching excuse of censors, gun controllers, and other tyrants. Signal says it’ll shut down in UK if Online Safety Bill approved

The DoD can’t even protect itself, never mind you. Sensitive DoD emails exposed by unsecured Azure server

Disastrous Waco raid 30 years ago still fuels extremism, By James Bovard

It had to happen: White student sues historically black college Howard University for $2M over racial discrimination And extra icing on the cake: plaintiff was a law student.


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