Economic Genocide

 by L. Neil Smith
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What now seems like a lifetime ago, back in the early 1970s, I asked a colleague (who knew about such things) a somewhat complicated question.

Assuming that:

  1. the average individual (in those days) is forced to give a third of what he earns to government (which will do nothing productive with it, but turn it straight into trash of one kind or another), and that
  2. whenever three such individuals are taxed at that rate, in effect, one whole human being—including all his or her potential accomplishments, his creations, his ability to raise the standard of living for himself, for his family and friends, for everyone around him, and for society in general—has been economically obliterated, then
  3. how many human lives in total have been obliterated in that way since the Constitution, with its taxing powers, was ratified in 1789?

It turns out to be a very difficult question to answer. Tax rates have varied over the years, and so has the number of Americans subject to taxation. In the end, my colleage estimated that it had consumed the productive capacity of some fifty million (50,000,000) innocent human lives. That’s roughly four times the number of victims claimed by Adolf Hitler. It almost equals the number of individuals killed in all of the Second World War. It fits in somewhere between the number of Russians slaughtered by Josef Stalin and Chinese killed by Mao Zedong.

And according to political scientist R.J. Rummel, it’s properly called “democide”, since, for this purpose, everybody gets to be the Jews.

So now you finally know where your flying car went, and why there’s no cure yet for cancer. You know why there’s no luxury hotel aboard a Big Wheel space station, no vacation resort on the Moon, and no scientific base on Mars or Titan. All of those things, and many more that we expected to have (or still haven’t imagined) by now, were devoured, sometimes quite literally, by grants to investigate the territoriality of tree frogs, programs to feed individuals who can’t—or won’t—work (which is properly the job of churches), programs to keep people from smoking the wrong vegetable or (to quote the late Saint George Carlin) shooting, snorting, or rubbing it into their bellies), not to mention enforcing laws against licking the wrong toad.

Not the ones squatting in the White House.

The War in Vietnam more or less broke the American dream of a better life. Then we were promised a post-Cold War “bonus” that never materialized. It now appears American involvement in Iraq alone will have cost us a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars we will never see again.

We have troops and hideously expensive weapons (all abandoned when we invariably make like a tree and leaf) in something over a hundred countries.

Possibly most nauseating of all, regardless of whatever he or she was worth to begin with, hardly a single individual emerges from even one term in Congress, the Senate, or the Oval Office without becoming a multi-millionaire, with various pensions and perquisites higher than the highest salary that any ordinary individual can ever expect to earn. Remember that when a Republican politician pretends to be on the side of the Productive Class. What he’s on the side of is his bank account.

And his stock portfolio.

Even after parasites like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Henry Waxman, Carolyn McCarthy, John Boehner, Diana DeGuette, the entire Udall family, and Sheila Jackson Lee are finally excreted from the national bowels, they will look down from their limousine helicopters, drink champagne, and laugh at the fools below who work for a lifetime just to keep them in caviar.

They have their Peace Bonus—and ours, too.

And how did they “earn” it? By carrying out economic genocide, as I’ve discussed above, through relentless cultural genocide against gun owners in particular, but against the inhabitants of “flyover country” in general, plain old-fashioned genocide against the American Indian as well as Russian refugees in France following World War II (look up “Operation Keelhaul”), and now, in an act of world democide that would stagger Hitler, Stalin, or Mao: in collaboration with eco-fascists and eugenicists in the United Nations, the systematic extermination of nine-tenths of the human race for the sake of saving “Lovely Mother Gaia”—the mindless, insensate ball of rock and dirt that we call Earth.

Which they worship as a goddess and would offer 6.3 billion sacrifices to. Six point three thousand million to you Brits out there.

6,300,000,000 innocent, productive human lives. Over a fairly long lifetime, so far, I have come to the sobering realization that all that leftists, communists, socialists, Democrats can do—aside from stealing everything they can from everybody who works for a living, and stamping out every simple pleasure that makes the travails of life worth enduring—all they ever think about is killing.

Barack Obama wants you dead. Eric Holder wants you dead. Nancy Pelosi wants you dead. Harry Reid wants you dead. Diane Feinstein wants you dead. Charles Schumer wants you dead. Henry Waxman wants you dead. Carolyn McCarthy wants you dead. John Boehner wants you dead. Diana DeGuette wants you dead. The entire Udall family wants you dead. And Sheila Jackson Lee wants you dead. Some of them get wet imagining it.

It’s a sickness, a deep, hot, churning, bitter mental illness. But it can be stamped out. We’ve made a fair start here in Colorado, by recalling three anti-gunners in the state legislature. Now your job is very simple: write your Senators and Congressthings and inform them that if they won’t vote, right now, to get the United States out of the United Nations, and the United Nations out of—let’s make it North America—you’ll start or join a movement to recall them, Colorado-style.


Reprinted from The Libertarian Enterprise for Number 777, June 29, 2014

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