The Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Social Media: How State Power and Algorithms Can Threaten Humanity: Section 6: Exploring solutions to the challenges presented: a critical review

by Antônio F. Oliveira
[email protected]

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Understanding the emergence of a contemporary phenomenon that has been growing, particularly in the last ten years, is crucial to comprehend the dangers that threaten democracy and freedom of expression. The erosion of these values has been marked by the interference of political elites, state powers, and media, who, in collusion with social media, advance their interests to the point of causing irreparable harm to humanity. What we have witnessed in recent years is an era in which powers use abstract and broad arguments to cross the line of law and freedom. The manipulation of discourse through governmental institutions and ideological influence groups on social networks has proven to be particularly dangerous. From the CIA and the FBI to South American supreme courts, powerful entities have adopted actions carried out through social media as a means to propagate their revolutionary agendas, often in an insidious way and with deceptive disguises. Unfortunately, the consequences of these actions have generated massive outrage and serious collateral effects, such as the invasion of the US Capitol in January 2021 and the invasion of the Brazilian National Congress in January 2023.

Monumental, unprecedented demonstrations have occurred in various countries, such as China, Spain, Brazil, the United States, France, Canada, and other Latin American countries. The sad reality is that the actions of these groups have severely affected democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of expression. With dubious justifications, such as combating “disinformation,” “fake news,” “intolerance,” and “attacks against democracy,” almost immutable fundamental rights are usurped. The line between what is legal and what is not becomes increasingly blurry, and the gravity of the current scenario is alarming. The question that arises is: how long will we have to witness this affront to democracy and freedom of expression? Highly subjective terms loaded with personal subjectivism, affecting personal and national identity, tradition, religion, private property, liberal economics, and the democratic Rule of Law. It is up to each one of us, as individuals and as a society, to reflect on the role we play in this scenario, as well as on the necessary actions to ensure a future in which democracy and freedom of expression are unshakable values respected by all.

In the face of such adversity, it is imperative that society stands up with courage and determination to ensure that democracy and freedom of expression prevail. The responsibility falls on each individual, even those who are not directly affected, to educate themselves, work, and hold positions of power in society in order to transparently and truthfully defend these invaluable values.

The University, so pluralistic and diverse, should be the home of reflection, but today it is the stage for “Exclusivity”, a single and compassionless thought. Minorities who suffer from racism and prejudice now adopt an unprecedented practice, fighting against what they suffer, but practicing the same evil.

Socialism, a movement of “equality,” now turns to the interests of globalists, working for the sake of meta-capitalism, betraying their own people – their followers are foolish and selfish.

The battle against agribusiness and private property has no end, but at what cost, if the same fools who fight this way seal their own end?

The present is suffering a sinister threat that hides behind the mask of virtue and progress. Social and media groups that claim to combat Nazism and fascism paradoxically unite with regimes that have committed genocides even more deadly than those they claim to oppose. These groups shamelessly declare themselves as communists, even though this ideology is the twin sister of fascism. Agenda items of social-democratic parties, malevolent theories such as Thomas Malthus’, and pagan practices such as those that venerate the god Moloch, have found echoes in society, seeking to reduce population through the “right” to abortion, questioning heteronormativity, and vilifying the most sacred institution of humanity: the family. Like a tragedy that repeats itself throughout history, the fundamental foundations that gave rise to Western civilization – such as Greek philosophy, Roman law, Judeo-Christian religion, capitalism, and private property – have been systematically undermined by universities and left-wing political parties around the world. How long will we remain at the mercy of this cultural and political hegemony that manipulates the masses, causing divisions in society, and using these divisions to impose their social and political agendas?

It is crucial to understand the current situation and how it has affected the social and economic order. We need to present real solutions to these unprecedented phenomena in history. How can we solve this situation? If we regulate social media using the power of the state, the regulator will be easily subjugated and its power will pass back into the hands of these hegemonies, ultimately affecting business freedoms. On the other hand, if social media remains unregulated, these same hegemonies will co-opt their owners, as happened with the old Twitter and happens in almost all other social media platforms. The most effective solution would be the engagement of billionaires and visionaries like Elon Musk, who could lead investment initiatives or acquire social networks, making them immune to the influences of these revolutionary groups. Simultaneously, defenders of freedom could assume relevant positions in the public sphere, in order to establish policies, oversee the managers of these digital platforms, and support millionaires/billionaires who seek to preserve freedom on the Internet and in society. Only then can we guarantee that the power of influence in society does not remain restricted to the hands of nefarious interests, but that the voices of all can be heard and respected.

Today, my dear friends, the world faces a cunning, almost invisible enemy that manipulates society with victimhood speeches, biological weapons, algorithms, and social engineering techniques, as well as creating false flags to criminalize movements, silencing voices, imprisoning ideas, and perhaps even imprisoning dissidents and taking lives in the name of “freedom,” “diversity,” and “democracy.” This enemy is very strong, holding in its hands the media, cinema, cultural, and political power. We still have private property, family, the Internet, and God, but the question is: how long will we have them? Despite all this, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. The flame of freedom burns strong in the hearts of conservative, traditionalist, nationalist, legalist, libertarian movements, and in the Abrahamic religions that emerge in every corner of the world, fighting the tyranny of political correctness and the one-dimensional thinking, seeking to rescue the values and fundamental freedoms that have been so diminished. Hope remains strong and is reborn in every heart that fights for a more just and free world.

It is essential to resist and stand up against the authoritarian wave that threatens to engulf us. It is time to fight for truth, justice, and freedom, using the appropriate tools established in the Second Amendment of the revered American Constitution, to combat the insane and unrestrained rise of the revolutionary left, which has shown itself to be increasingly tyrannical. We must abandon the “sophistication” and “prudence” that Edmund Burke established for conservatism, which made the movement pacifist and, as a result of its lack of courage: collaborationist. As Thomas Jefferson said, “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” (Jefferson, 1816). The martyrs of truth and freedom advocated in the gospel of Christ must integrate themselves on all fronts of power and influence in society. The time has come to dominate politics, to be ministers of the Supreme Courts, to enter the positions of the legislative and executive powers, to lead intellectual and cultural production, to control the newspapers, unions, and intelligence agencies of the countries, to excel in international organizations such as the UN and the WHO, and to be protagonists in the creation of new artificial intelligence. Let us spread throughout the world grand annual events like the CPAC, founded in 1974 by the late William F. Buckley Jr., the father of the modern conservative movement in the United States, and the inspiring National Prayer Breakfast, led by Christian Doug Cole and founded by the 34th President of the United States. The Abrahamic religions must abandon their theological differences and unite in what they have in common, which is God, country, family, and freedom, to fight against those who want to destroy these critical principles.

Dear brothers, may the burning fire of freedom burn in our hearts, igniting our determination to fight for a better future. “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender” (Churchill, 1940). This was said by the greatest conservative statesman in twentieth-century Europe, Sir Winston Churchill, as he faced Adolf Hitler. May we never forget those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, like Christ on the cross at Calvary. May we be worthy of their memory, so that the light of freedom can shine again on the West.

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