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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Alas, your editor cannot join a boycott of Bud Lite. He already boycotts the stuff. It is swill that identifies as beer. As Sam Konkin used to say, never trust a beer you can see through.

In This Issue

L. Neil Smith makes a case for protecting our planet from “extinction level events” and how to do it for a profit.

Antônio F. Oliveira concludes his article with considerations of what we can do about the problems described in the first five sections.

Your editor has a personal interest in Leonard Reed’s article, FDR’s Other ‘Day of Infamy’: When the US Government Seized All Citizens’ Gold. No, he didn’t turn in any gold in 1934. But he was part of the National Committee to Legalize Gold’s effort to repeal FDR’s prohibition. In the process he smuggled gold into the US, and displayed a two ounce bar of gold ($96) at a congressional hearing.


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Links! Have we got Links!

You may know Oleg Volk for his great photographs of pretty guns and pretty women. He has A theory about bad laws.

Do ‘More Guns Lead To More Deaths’?: No, and that good news needs to be front and center in all discussions of gun control, especially after school shootings. From Reason Magazine’s Nick Gillespie.

The history of a journalistic train wreck: Matt Taibbi on the failure of MSNBC: Eat Me, MSNBC: Reviewing the last six years at the network that claims now to be concerned with integrity and accuracy

Litigation Highlight: Federal Judge Strikes Down California Law Requiring Certain Safety Features for Handguns While the case at hand only applies to California, there are implications for other states. We’ll see what happens on appeal to the Ninth Circuit. It looks like the Duke Center for Firearms Law might be a useful resource.

The Internet of Things isn’t always secure, or Yet Another Reason to Not Buy Connected Home Gadgets. It’s this easy to seize control of someone’s Nexx ‘smart’ home plugs, garage doors: Netizens urged to disconnect kit after 40,000-plus devices found riddled with dumb bugs

While we’re at it, how secure is your car? CAN do attitude: How thieves steal cars using network busA fascinating story of reverse engineering an attack on a car.

The gun grabbers’ responses to school shootings are drearily predictable. The great gun control myth

World builds more coal power in spite of pollution, pledges and coal end-date

The Many Reasons Why Transgender Grievance Culture Is Garbage

The Destruction of the American Male

How to combat wokery: Bud Lite Blood in the Water Two unanswered questions: who is “we”; and how do “we” decide which company to boycott next?

NYPD blues: Cops ignored 93 percent of surveillance law rules: Who watches the watchmen? The Office of the Inspector General.


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