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Letter from Albert Perez

Truth we can use

So, Fox New just settled with Dominion. Apparently, Fox was reporting that Dominion’s voting machines were being used to count votes incorrectly, even though to Fox’s knowledge these claims were false. This misreporting was to feed into the confirmation bias of Fox’s viewers, attracting more viewers for longer time periods and thus getting more advertising revenue. One wonders if they made more money than they paid.

El Paso, Texas Police Department (EPPD) will not report most gang related crime as such, even going so far as to denying events are gang related. This is to avoid glorifying gang related crimes, thus discouraging the growth of gangs. The local government and media support this reticence. It appears to be working, though I do keep hearing stories of how the EPPD explained to wannabe gang bangers in the Nineties that they needed to behave themselves off the books.

Currently the definition of mass shootings is such (four people shot, including the person who started it) that in a nation of 334 plus million people you are all but guaranteed to have one or two a day. The problem is they conflate a shoot-out at a drug deal gone bad with a nut case shooting up a school.

The above is reported so zealously that on top of the election debates, covid lockdowns, shortages and inflations, racial and gender equity issues, and so on that it seems we are being pushed into a state of communal traumatic stress disorder (I know, I just coined a term and syndrome), ready to trade freedom for security and say that that is the true freedom, that it is what we democratically choose.

Because we live in a world where truth is what is convenient, no matter how completely the facts are distorted to create a truth that the bosses can use.

Albert Perez
[email protected]

Which reminds your editor of a line from Game of Thrones:
“Someday you’ll sit on the throne, and the truth will be what you make it.” — Cersei Lannister

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