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L. Neil Smith reminds us of three good reasons why people have the right to keep and bear arms.

Have you ever noticed that the solution to every problem, real or imaginary, seems to require more socialism? At least so the media, politicians, global elite, etc., would have you believe. Sarah A. Hoyt has noticed.

And the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)’s Peter Jacobsen fact-checks Snopes on Biden’s new mortgage rules. Or maybe one should say, Jacobsen language-checks Snopes. Watch for the weasel words.


On August 16 – 19, 2023 Liberty International will host the 37th edition of the annual Liberty International World Conference in Madrid, Spain. This year’s main theme is “Prosperity and Longevity Through Liberty” and will encompass discussions on the past, present, and future challenges faced by the freedom movement and its evolution over time.

This year’s conference will reunite 200+ attendees and 10+ pro-liberty organizations from all around the world in the heart of Madrid at Ateneo de Madrid. The conference´s agenda will include keynote sessions, panel discussions, debates, film screenings and other entertaining activities. In addition, we will have two days of cultural tours around Madrid!

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Links! Have we got Links!

Colorado Gov Signs Four New Gun Control Measures Into Law The article isn’t quite correct about SB23-169. It raises the minimum age to posses a firearm, not just to purchase. Which means a twenty year old single mom being stalked by her ex cannot legally posses a firearm to defend herself. The barbarism of gun control for all to see. Wyoming welcomes refugees from Baja Wyoming. Certain readers in Fnord Collins, please note.

If you live in California and own one or more guns, you might find this book useful. California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations (2023 10th Edition) $29.99 I have not read it, so this is not an endorsement. Caveat emptor! On the other tentacle, if you live in California and own one or more guns, what are you doing living in California? Wyoming welcomes refugees from California, too.

In case you’re looking for a high paying job that doesn’t require any knowledge or skills: The Diversity Officer Employment Aptitude Test. If you can stomach the work, that is. Satire. At least, I think it’s satire. These days, it’s hard to tell.

The Wagner Files: Internal documents reveal how the mercenary group operates.

If it walks like a pay raise, quacks like a pay raise, and shits like a pay raise, it’s a pay raise. Congress’ unconstitutional pay scam gets members $34K raises Note that this was done by a committee changing its rules, not by a vote of the full House, never mind the Senate and President. Note also that it was done by a lame duck committee in December.

Unemployed Guy’s Basement Selfie Video Crushes Fox News In Primetime Ratings Um, true story, too. According to the Epoch Times, Carlson’s tweet had roughly double the number of views in its first hour than Fox’s replacement show got.

‘A terrorist attack and an assassination attempt’: Russia says Ukraine tried to kill Putin with Kremlin drone strike Ukraine denies any involvement in the alleged attack. But let us, ad arguendo, take Russia at its word and accept that this was a Ukrainian drone attack. Did the drone fly all the way from Ukraine? What does this say about the competence of Russia’s air defense? Or was it launched from inside Russia, say within 100 km of Moscow? What does this say about Russia’s ground defenses? But Occam’s Razor suggests that neither is true. I suspect a false flag operation.


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