How They Will Get Your Guns And Everything Else They Want

by L. Neil Smith
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

As a writer of science fiction, I have often found myself making predictions. Reasonably often—as with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the advent of the Internet, .40 caliber automatic pistols, laptop computers, wall-sized monitors, iPods, iPads, and PDAs, the failure of Japan to take over the world economy, and the failure of civilization to be utterly destroyed due to Y2K—my predictions come true.

None of these predictions were made for their own sake, but most often as an organic part of a story I was writing. They were not made with psychic powers, a crystal ball, or Tarot cards, but on the basis of my understanding, acquired over six and a half decades, of history and human nature. Nor do they prognosticate some vast conspiracy, just a certain class of scumbags who know on which side their bread is buttered.

Regrettably, it isn’t that hard. For example, it should be clear by now that—although America is in an unprecedented mess entirely of their making—the current crop of politicians don’t want things to get better, they want them to get worse. I do not exclude Republicans, in fact, their role in making it happen was absolutely pivotal. Never forget that while Bill Clinton opined that the Founding Fathers had given us too many rights and some of them needed to be taken back, George W. Bush denounced the Bill of Rights as “just a damned piece of paper”.

It was Republicans and Democrats alike who interfered in peoples’ lives again and again in the Middle East, deposing their leaders and inserting new ones at a whim, finally murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children by depriving them of food and medicine. September 11, 2001, when it came, was the only way those people had of fighting back.

If you believe the official government 9/11 story, that is.

It was Republicans who started two brutal, unnecessary, insane wars in order to ship most of our military overseas—especially the reserves and the National Guard—which, as I will demonstrate later, was the first major step in a desire to “reduce [us] under absolute despotism”.

Lyndon Johnson X-rayed people’s mail during the Vietnam War, but it was Republicans who created the anti-Constitutional Department of Homeland Security (just as they created the equally illegal FEMA), the sick, perverted, corrupt TSA, and rammed the abominable Patriot Act— which needs repealing every bit as much as Obamacare—down our throats.

Yet the TSA serves its purpose: intrusive, illegal searches at airports—expanding now to train depots and bus terminals—make travel difficult and unpleasant. Random roadblocks and skyrocketing fuel prices have the same effect on travel by car. Insane passport rules render escape impossible. The idea is to trap people in their homes.

Take their natural rights away and dole them back out as special privileges for “good behavior”. Make independent economic life as hard as possible through inflation and the brutal suppression on private exchanges of monetary metals. Tighten controls on all unauthorized communication, then raise the price of electricity, heating oil and gas. Prosecute “hoarders” who have stocked up on food and medicine. Manufacture reasonable excuses to reduce and finally shut utilities off, gradually making freestanding houses and whole neighborhoods uninhabitable.

The next step: take advantage of natural disasters or actually to create disasters in the form of false flag “terrorist attacks” as an excuse to evacuate residential areas by force. I believe the current regime greatly desires and is actively attempting to foment an armed uprising which they will then have as an excuse to suppress in any manner they like, not excluding the use of tactical-sized neutron bombs.

Bug-out bags? Mountain retreats? Forget about it. Herd the people into emergency “shelters” or FEMA camps, where they’ll be searched for weapons, cash, and any other valuables, processed to weed out likely resistors who will be neatly “disappeared”. Electronically “chip” those who remain. Search the abandoned houses in their owners’ absence for guns and other valuables, volunteers to be paid a commission in loot.

After the now-helpless population has been roughed up enough, robbed enough, and raped enough by gangs in the emergency shelters and camps, offer them warm, comfortable, safe homes, and a “sustainable” diet in the new “arcologies”—hundred-story tenements—constructed to house the entire population, so the countryside can be “cleared” and finally “returned to nature” according to United Nations’ Agenda 21.

Such construction is going on this very moment in China.

Naturally, exceptions will be made for the dachas—luxurious country homes—of politically deserving Nomenklatura and whatever attractive young peasants they choose to take with them for whatever purpose. For ordinary individuals, the price for being warm and dry and moderately well fed again, under this New World Order, is to give up every thought forever—every memory, every hope—of individual liberty.

Any resistors can be wiped out at leisure—employing high-tech weapons of mass control being developed and tested in the Middle East—by UN troops called in to maintain order in the unfortunate absence of American military forces that will never be allowed to come home again.

It is the UN’s openly stated view that the Earth is a living organism with rights, and that the human race is a disease infecting it. The plan is to reduce the human population by at least 90 percent, which can be accomplished very easily, once everyone is confined and controlled.

I am a novelist, not an academic scholar. My articles and columns have no footnotes. But everything I’ve predicted here can be verified in just a few minutes by typing the key words in this essay into Google or any other search engine. None of it is secret. Its advocates are extremely proud of what they’re planning for us, and open about it.

Is this the kind of future you wanted?

How do we stop them?

Stop being a “useful idiot” for the two-headed Boot On Your Neck party and end the phony war on phony terror. The War on (some) drugs, as well. Stop the wars overseas and bring our troops home to defend America.

Get the US out of the genocidal UN and the genocidal UN out of the US. Recognize environmentalism for the sham it is: nothing more than Marxism by other means. Understand that for many, environmentalism is a religion—lovely Gaia is not only alive, but a goddess—and environmental laws violate First Amendment separation of church and state.

Grow up. Understand and accept the regrettable but unavoidable fact that the only way to control the government is to become the government. Nobody in the freedom movement wants to hear it, but it’s what 65 years have taught me, and to deny it would be dishonest and suicidal.

Understand, too, that I want desperately to be wrong this time with my predictions. I want to be mocked by future generations as a total crackpot and a paranoid. I don’t care if I ever get any credit for helping to make Americans free again, as long as they are free again.

If you prefer the kind of future I’ve written about in my novels, if you want to live in a civilization dedicated to peace, freedom, progress, and prosperity, you can help me to destroy my future reputation by spreading these horrible predictions as far and wide as possible.


There isn’t much time left.


Reprinted from The Libertarian Enterprise for May 1, 2011

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