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 by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

If a tree falls in a forest and the major news media don’t report it, does it make a sound?

If a bureaucrat screws up in a swamp and the major media don’t report it, did the bureaucrat screw up?

If a politician lies in a legislature and the major media don’t report it, did the politician lie?

If a policeman brutalizes a suspect and the major media don’t report it, was the policeman brutal?

If a laptop contains incriminating evidence and the major media don’t report it, was the laptop incriminating?

It may just be that a thriving alternate media ecosystem is the major issue of our day.

In This Issue

This week’s cartoon is courtesy of Pat Cross Cartoons.

L. Neil addresses Democrats.

I’ve often been told something like, “You don’t need an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine!” Of course, when someone in power tells you that you don’t need something, it might be a good idea to grab one or three — just in case. Bob Grundman shows you how to build your own.

Bob Grundman on why you need to build an AR-15 now, and how to do it, complete with recommended vendors.

Another candidate for major issue of the day is educational freedom. Ron Paul makes a case for it and plugs his Ron Paul curriculum.

Sean Gangol returns with a review of The Hunt (2020).


On August 16 – 19, 2023 Liberty International will host the 37th edition of the annual Liberty International World Conference in Madrid, Spain. This year’s main theme is “Prosperity and Longevity Through Liberty” and will encompass discussions on the past, present, and future challenges faced by the freedom movement and its evolution over time.

This year’s conference will reunite 200+ attendees and 10+ pro-liberty organizations from all around the world in the heart of Madrid at Ateneo de Madrid. The conference´s agenda will include keynote sessions, panel discussions, debates, film screenings and other entertaining activities. In addition, we will have two days of cultural tours around Madrid!

Your event here? Let your editor know!

Links! Have we got Links!

Innocent Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation Ruthlessly Attacked By People Not Giving Them Money And if you can’t tell that that is satire, you probably aren’t mature enough to read The Libertarian Enterpriseeither.

If polls show that the American people don’t trust major media and major media don’t report it, do the American people trust major media? ‘The Official Truth’: The End of Free Speech That Will End America

If you are watching minor parties, you might keep an eye on Independent Political Report for factual reporting, and its sister we site, Third Party Watch. They are now owned by Outsider Media Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, so donations are tax deductible.

Fact checking political speeches is occasionally a useful exercise. Fact check: What to make of Lavrov’s claims at the UN?

The only thing missing is a curtain in the back of the courtroom with Josef Stalin behind it. The Most Lawless County in Texas “Suzanne Wooten did the impossible and became the first candidate to defeat a sitting judge in Collin County. What followed is the unbelievable, epic tale of the craziest case in the history of jurisprudence.”

“The biggest peril of the Biden-McCarthy budget deal is spawning the illusion federal spending is under control.” Get them rewrite! Debt-ceiling deal fails to fix DC Jim Bovard in fine form.

The Strange World of “Citational Justice” For the record, all citations in The Libertarian Enterprise are to members of H. Sapiens. As far as we know.

Biden’s pick for new CDC czar Mandy Cohen embodies the worst of pandemic policy Jim Bovard on the Biden administration’s pick as it gears up for the 2024 election.

“Your Speech is Violence”: How the Mob is Using a New Mantra to Justify Campus Violence From Jonathan Turley. And how to stop it. And someone has noticed: Sen. Cotton introduces bill to defund public universities that limit free speech


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