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Letter from Albert Perez

Re: Here’s How We Know The Flunking Education Establishment Is Scared

Back in 1967 some parents went to speak to the principal at Jesuit High School in El Paso. They came to complain their son was in class with a Black student and asked what he intended to do about it He got out a set of withdrawal papers and offered them a refund of any tuition they had paid. Don’t remember exactly how it turned out, but that is the day I was proudest of Morris Duffy, S.J..

I have a personal beef with one Tony Trujillo. He doesn’t know me from Adam, is oblivious to my issue with him, and probably doesn’t give a flip about my issue with him. However, he said one of the smartest things I’ve ever read (didn’t hear him say it, read it in the newspaper.) M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán; “Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán“*) was complaining about the then current standardized education test being used in Texas (either TAKS or TAAS, I forget which) at the turn of the century. They claimed it was racist against Latino students, both American born and immigrant, whether legal or illegal, since they scored poorly on the test. Anthony Trujillo earned a lot of my respect when he replied that the test was not racist, it exposed how racism in the schools denied Chicanitos (and Chicanitas) a proper education.

Since 1967 part of my education has been seeing that both private and public education can be racist, or anti-racist. I’ve seen how demanding mastery of language and mathematic skills and creating a desire to learn, understand, and think, in fact an addiction to these activities, is a necessary step for overturning racism and other bigotries, and that trying to channel this learning in the “right” direction, either in home school, private school, or public school is simply creating ideologically correct ignorance.


Albert Perez
[email protected]

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