Job Description

Summary — Select & arrange sequence of articles for each issue. Find a "motto" amongst the articles. Find a "toon/picture" for the "font page" Select letter to the editor.

Detail — "Editing" is mostly "selecting from the in-box". And mostly everything submitted gets accepted, unless it is more than a little-bit crazy, which happens sometimes. Slightly crazy is okay, we're all libertarians here, and we're all slightly crazy anyway, right?

There is a bit of "editing" in the form of fixing obvious mistakes, such as last issue where an author called El Neil "editor", which I changed to "publisher" without actually engaging in a dialogue or asking permission or anything. If something is really messed up, then there will have to be some back-and-forth.

So mostly what I do each issue is first check the archive to select a "Blast From The Past" article from Neil, I started with the first issue, and continue forward until I pick one. Then I check Sarah Hoyt's web site a pick from her latest output. That takes care of -02 and -03 for the latest issue. Then I do though the inbox looking at letters. I pick those that seem of general interest, or reactions to previous issues, etc. and that takes care of -page 01. Page -00 is reserved for the editor, assuming said editor has something written! Then it is back through the in-box for the rest of the submissions (if any!).

I pick a front-page picture, cartoon, whatever as best I can.

For collecting everything together I use copy/paste into the Libre Office writer. This is a freeware suite compatible with Microsoft Office.

Then, the next step would be to send it to the webmaster who will put it into .html and move it to the web server.

Now, I say "Advertising Manager" and "Promotion Manager" in that "help wanted" box. Those can be functions of the Editor, too, of course. We have a bit of affiliate advertising, which is mostly a waste of time seeing as how it brings is almost no money. I get less than $10/month from Amazon.com, and pretty much nothing for anywhere else. Maybe if somebody put in some serious effort? I don't know, I'm not much of an extrovert, which seems to be needed here. But anything the Editor thinks to do along those lines would be good.

Anyway, some basic stuff there. We "go to press" Saturday evening for a Sunday dated issue. The Editor will have to get everything to the Webmaster Saturday afternoon or early evening.

To apply, contact: Jobs at TLE with qualifications, experience, etc.

We are an unequal opportunity organization — only those who agree with The Covenant of Unanimous Consent need apply.