Job Description

Summary — The webmaster will code the articles as individual HTML files using templates. Produce the "front page". For each issue update the template files to have current date, issue number, motto, and links from -00 to -05 (say, for editor's notes (-00), letters to the editor (-01), articles -02 to 05, or whatever last article is). Existing files for the previous issue will be modified slightly for the archive.

Detail — Naturally, the new webmaster will use the tools and methods that he prefers.

What I do is take from the editor (that's also me) the articles that will make the new issue, convert them to web pages. I use templates with "blank space" in the middle into which I paste the articles. I used to hand-code the formatting, but lately I use the inexpensive "Atlantis Word Processor" "save as web page" feature, after a bit of "select all" and make all one font & size, and format paragraph for all one style. The "save as web page" makes it all simple and uniform html.

Some "replace alls" will make changes for author, title and email address to the template, as well as the "-nn" to, say "-04" for the forth article, etc. And update the main page. Change the previous weeks pages for the archive (just a few link changes there).

Naturally I look over the html to see if I can simplify it more, or make sure it's all sensible. Send out notices to a small list, and put up notices on the Gab, SubscribeStar, and Patreon websites. I also manage those.

I use the w3.css stylesheet from https://www.w3schools.com/

So, all basic stuff. I'm a bit fuzzy on some of the networking stuff, so I call for help to Neil & Cathy's old friend Bill St. Clair for technical help if needed.

I also did up lneilsmith.org some years ago, but haven't done anything much with it lately, due to lack of energy, ideas, and health. That will also fall under the new webmaster's domain. We've had mailing lists, but again not much lately.

The Enterprise is updated Saturday night, so 3 or 4 hours free (more or less), since I do all the editing stuff as well, I'm slightly vague on how much time goes to each, because I do everything at once. Some issues take as much as 8 hours, some just a few. But, like I said, that's for doing everything.

Currently the website is hosted at GoDaddy. They have lots of tools and are reasonably priced.

Occasionally the whole thing gets redesigned. That process would be a collaboration with the publishers and whoever is the new editor. And new Advertising Manager and Promotion Manager if we actually have those.

To apply, contact: Jobs at TLE with qualifications, experience, etc.

We are an unequal opportunity organization — only those who agree with The Covenant of Unanimous Consent need apply.