L. Neil Smith's

Number 2, November, 1995

Letters to the Editors

A Redundant Enterprise

By Willis B. Boyce

Mr. Smith,

While your "Libertarian Enterprise" publication seems well-written and insightful, I must admit that it also strikes me as being redundant. There are plenty of other journals and newsletters which serve to preach libertarianism to libertarians. Your articles would be much more effective if they were read by non-libertarians. You may feel that a person who must be converted to libertarianism doesn't deserve to be free, but the fact is that the people who passed the laws in your hometown regarding the sprinkler systems and feeding the ducks, people who would clearly have to be converted, are plainly worth converting. Unless more people are made aware of the benefits of the libertarian philosophy, libertarians are doomed to remain a minority, and the looters and control freaks will continue to strip away our property and our rights.

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