L. Neil Smith's

Number 3, December 1995

Letters to the Editors

The Libertarian Enterprise

By Donald Silberger

         I have just spent the past half hour perusing the first 800+ of the 1800+ lines of the issue of The Libertarian Enterprise which you kindly emailed to me. In a hurry as usual this morning, I intended to scan its first article, devoting maybe five minutes, before erasing the whole huge bandwidth. Instead, I made myself late for my first appointment this morning, and I am now making myself even later by writing you instead of going about my business as usual. I am not responsible for this. You, Andrew Boardman, are to blame. You should be banned.
         You should be severely punished for putting on my computer screen the very best political commentary I have ever seen in one package. You should be capitally punished for having offered me reading matter whose acidic cogency, clarity, raw ingenuity of approach, and basic decency has seduced me in the way that ordinary pussy-haired pornography never has even in my yodeling youth. If that magazine had reached me via the USPostOffice then I would try to have you arrested by federal agents. As it is, I am now impelled to call for censorship of the internet. There is no saying what a people will do if it is allowed free access to material of the sort you sent me. Why...
         Why... such a people may even begin to *think* about vital issues with some measure of cogent lucidity. Now, we couldn't have that, could we?! Every word you sent me glows like dew on a spider's web.
         Please please do put me on your mailing list for subsequent or other issues of that superb journal. Now I know what I can buy my so-called friends for Christmas and/or Chanukkah. God bless you, every one!

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