L. Neil Smith's

Number 10, July 1996

Letters To The Editor

To the Editor:

I am a college professor who has unknowingly held many libertarian values almost all my life, and who has tried to convey them to my students. Four years ago a chain of events started which led to a recent explicit realization of those values and what they sum to, a process of my eyes being opened to what is going on in this society and to the importance of ideas and action in the battle for liberty.

A major "cleaning solvent" for my thinking has been the consistent, engaging information found in TLE. Each writer in his or her own way speaks directly to the issue at hand, with heartfelt passion for the challenges freedom-loving people everywhere confront. A few recent pieces deserve special mention. "A Civil Society" by Victor Milan offers one of the best arguments I've seen against political action, along with suggestions for how to start dismantling the state. Coupled nicely with it is Don Tiggre's piece addressing the Libertarian Party's slide toward political action as the proper means to the desired end; his challenge for ideas as to non-electoral political action is right on target.

The most powerful spray of cleanser to come my way from TLE to date is L. Neil Smith's May essay, "Where No Libertarian Has Gone Before". As I read it, I became increasingly focused on the words and the powerful truth they contained; I had to stop reading at some point because the one thought beating through my mind -- "He's so fucking right it almost hurts!" -- gave way to tears born of frustration as well as relief and hope.

In addition to helping me clean off layer upon layer of gunk that's accumulated, the knowledge that there are others in this seemingly vast sea of Republicrats who grasp the real issues, and more importantly, who are willing to share ideas and actually do things to help our vision become reality, is a tremendous boost for my motivation. I am one person who has been influenced in this way by TLE; more importantly, perhaps, I can help pass these values and ideas along to the college students I teach, so that some of them may avoid the "gunkification" process many of us have passed through. My most sincere thanks to everyone associated with TLE for the excellent work each of you does.

Jackie Ralston

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