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Number 69, April 15, 2000
Capitol Gains

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To El Neil

I was pleased to see you were coming out with another book and I pre-ordered The Forge of the Elders from Amazon on the spot. I'm glad to hear that its "the most explicitly political and philosophical plot (you'd) written since The Probability Broach" because TPB has always been my favorite of yours. My only regret is I can't buy it with cash out of the back of your car so the feds won't get a cut of the proceeds.

To Vin

TLE is consistently a good read, I look forward to it every time. It's definitely got a much higher signal to noise ratio than 99% of the newsgroups and mailing lists out there. But mostly it just feels good to know that I'm not the only person in the world that's "awake".

To the rest of ya'll

Just know that you aren't alone, every new oppressive initiative represents another person who has come to believe that they've gone too far.

apple <apple3@bellsouth.net>

This was forwarded to me by a friend:

Notice that
a) the gun is pointed in the wrong direction, that is, away from the criminal in the photo;
b) that the gun is locked, thus preventing the holder from defending himself from the aforementioned thug; and
c) that there is a hint of a smile on the thug's face. http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/p/ap/20000403/us/gun_safety_gv7.html

Michael Curry <mike@teletactics.com>


Thanks for a great couple of issues, some suprises are always around the corner when Neil can stop in for a literary visit.

On to the subject. The World Bank is landing in Washington shortly, and the White House is shaking in its boots about it. After the debacle in Seattle, one can only imagine the reaction to the first real militant protest in the Nation's Capital since the 1960's.

Washington (the city) and the President (ours) both have a great opportunity to show it respects the rights of people exercising their Rights. Deserved or not, people wish to express their concern (and outrage) over Global Fiat that controls local government.

Lord knows this administration respects the Bill of Rights. They like it so much they want to write a couple of new ones. Mr. Clinton and his gang of social engineers should be able to see the smoke from the North Portico.

The world's eyes will be focused on the reaction that our government has to this new scary threat. Nothing could be more frightening to the Chief Executive than people exercising their First Amendment Rights.

Actually, in retrospect, the fact that ANYBODY can use the Bill of Rights must really gall these creeps. I certainly hope these protesters get the opporunity to give their opinion freely, and I defend to the last bullet their right to do so.

What history has taught most of us, that it often repeats itself, shouldn't be lost on the Clinton gang. It wouldn't be the first time M.P.D.C. officers drubbed the hell out of protesters on the evening news, but it could be the last.

Peace, baby.

Jack Resch <paratime98@yahoo.com>

[An open letter, reprinted elsewhere - ed.]

Attention Vampires and Ghouls ... A Lesson on healing

We see you coming for us once again to reopen our wounds and drink the blood of our sorrow so as to satisfy your political lust, one more time.

Be it known that healing occurs when you allow a wound, particularly a deep wound, to close and seal itself against the kinds of infection that cause it to weep and remain a gaping hole in our spirit. The politicalization of Columbine, for whatever reason, is just such an infection. It has its own reasons for being that have nothing to do with healing. Rather, this infection of self-pity only feeds on our continued pain for its own needs and its own ends. This infection of our souls is being promoted by people who should know better, but have agendas to fulfill and political hay to make. They are assisted in this ghoulish process of feeding on the dead bodies of our children by the media in the name of "public service". We do not need to be reminded of our pain and suffering so as to feed your political agendas. We need to be left alone to the healing passage of time.

With that said ...

We the people of Colorado would ask the President to stay home next week. Don't come here to "feel our pain". Stay home and pray for our healing. Do not come and re-open our wounds and drink our blood to satisfy your political lusts.

We would ask the Governor to exercise leadership, respect the dead and the survivors by not making them victims once again with more political infection. We would ask the mayor of Denver and all other politicians to do the same, respect the dead with your silence, instead of your personal agendas.

And finally, to the media. Please stop being the ever-present "Igor", always enabling your political masters to tear into our tender souls so as to once again ravage the wounds of the survivors. The transparency of your actions for the sake of feeding your blood lusts, cloaked in the mantle of alleged public service, is sickening. Stop it! You are performing a great disservice.

All of you and us should go home, sit down and shut up! Stop yammering and wailing. Stop and listen to the still, small voice within that will heal us all.

With all due respect, A Coloradoan who has had enough,

Michael J. McNulty

Dear John:

Here is the web address for anyone who wishes to sign the Second Amendment Sisters on-line petition:


James J. Odle <jodle@primenet.com>

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