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Number 87, August 28, 2000
I Am The Very Model

I've Got a Little List ...

by James J. Odle

Special to TLE

"I've got a little list — I've got a little list Of society offenders who might well be underground, And who never would be missed — who never would be missed!"
Ko-ko, the cheap, timid tailor, and Lord High Executioner of Titipu, from "The Mikado", by Sir William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan

In prior articles Minority Mike [Michael J. Bates] has regaled us with his irreverent prose in describing the many lowlifes, simpletons and outright criminals polluting the political landscape. He has made known his list of such jackasses. I too, have a little list of Devil's Disciples "whose loss would result in a distinct gain to society at-large"(1) — in the immortal words of Ko-ko.

Clinton: I won't dignify this fecal alchemist(2) by referring to him as either 'President' or 'Bill'. My contempt for him is that complete. But then what good can be said about a man "who adores himself [and power] with passion tender still?"(3) While this demonstrably incompetent felon:

Is engaged in his employment, and
Matures his felonious little plans,
His capacity for criminal comportment
Far exceeds that of any honest man's!(4)

Ah, but the discerning reader will now be saying that Clinton isn't a felon, that he has never been charged, brought before and tried, let alone convicted in any criminal court of law. True enough, but he stands convicted in my mind of treating his oath of office with abject contempt, which is his first count of perjury. He also treats the Rule of Law with similar disregard and believes that he is authorized to rule by Executive Order as if he were a Czar or King. As a former Professor of Constitutional law, he should know better. Further, he is chargeable as a war criminal for bombing Kosovo and an aspirin factory [or, do only foreigners commit war crimes?]. He is also chargeable as an accomplice during and after the fact for the conduct of his 'officers' at Waco {more on this when I get to that idiot Danforth} and Ruby Ridge. Said conduct consisted in what can only be described as murder as well as perjury, criminal conspiracy and violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. In 1993 he was so desperate to repel the 'Republican juggernaut' that he, along with the Democratic Party, accepted campaign contributions from China in exchange for high technology. Clinton is an incompetent who staffs his administration with incompetents. The western raging infernos as well as the lax security at Los Alamos are empirical proof of this.

I mean, exactly what is this administration truly good at? As far as I can see, Clinton's only talent is telling the biggest whoppers anyone ever heard of and getting away with it. But then, he has a subservient, politically-like minded media to aid and abet him in this.

I will be glad when this boil on the butt of the body politic has been truly lanced.

For the skinny on this administration's countless misdeeds, I can do no better than refer the reader to the great libertarian journalist James Bovard's recently released "Feeling Your Pain."(5) It is 349 revolting pages long with another 76 pages of documentation. Have a good stiff drink handy as Bovard's works are sure to anger any decent red-blooded American.

Steven Spielberg: You would think that a guy who can direct a movie like Shindler's List might have some understanding of the political dynamics involved with Nazism/Fascism/Socialism and out-right communism. The dynamics of these systems can be summed up in one word: oppression. There are, of course, some minute differences between these political 'philosophies.' We won’t dwell on them here. Rather we will leave to the academics the tedious task of squandering their lives pondering these differences as each is a variation on the theme of permitting other people to make decisions for you that you are perfectly capable of making for yourself.

We will, however, step back and examine the Nazi political agenda. Subtract out all the racism and look at what's left. I ask you, what is the difference between the Nazi political agenda sans the racism and much of the agenda of the liberal wing of the Democrat Party?

The Nazis looked upon the Germany as represented by the government as 'The Fatherland.' Modern day liberalism, being the wussy, cry-baby philosophy of spoiled brats(6) that it is, desires a government whose functions it is to provide all the necessities of life. From education — to health care — to social security — to a job [even if it is a make-work, useless government job] — to personal safety and security. This also includes forbidding the private ownership of arms. In short, they want a government whose function it is, is to run around and treat everyone as if they are helpless children. In the process of which, they desire to micromanage everyone's life so as to produce the pre-approved results.

Seeing how oppressive the liberal wing of the Democratic Party's political agenda truly is, why does Spielberg hold Democratic fund raisers in his house? Why does he permit the Arch Criminal-in-Chief to darken his home? Why is he willing to create some sort of virtual reality exhibit for the Criminal-in-Chief's future Presidential Library — which is estimated to cost between $80 and $125 million? Why do I picture hapless patrons, strapped in their chairs, with some sort of virtual reality headgear affixed to their craniums while the lowlights of Clinton's legacy are being directly fed into their synapses? {There aren’t any 'high' lights.} And will Monica's dress be prominently displayed?

I say, the quality of an individual is a function of the people he associates with. When someone willingly lends financial and moral support to a demonstrable criminal who is also an obvious power-crazy psychopath, then I must question the moral worthiness of that individual.

Scumbags hangout with and support other scumbags. People of quality and integrity do not.

Al Gore. Let's see if I have this straight. Al Gore invented the internet, while not knowing a thing about computers. Also, he has stated that he and Tipper were the subjects of Love Story. I am sure this came as a great surprise to the author. He relies on Naomi Wolfe to tell him how to dress and act manly, yet he believes he is presidential material. When his boss and liberal fellow traveler Clinton came to power he was given all responsibility for environmental and scientific affairs. Thanks to this moron, we are now putting MTBE(7) in our gasoline for no good reason, witnessing the transfer of high technology to China, fighting raging fires all over the west because this administration has denied the forest service permission to clear out the underbrush from the forests(8), thus creating massive fire hazard.

He has contempt for people who help him feed his family. His tenant on his Tennessee land had to go public to force him to fix-up the house she was renting from him. This qualifies Gore as a slum lord. Also, on his Tennessee land there is a zinc mine whose run-off is leaking in the nearby river, and Gore has been cited twice in the past year for the resulting pollution. This makes him an environmental hypocrite.

He has the same contempt for the Constitution that Clinton has. Thus he has recommended licensing and registration of all gun owners.

Senator John Danforth: Called up from the private sector where he was in seclusion by See/Hear/and Speak No Evil {when it comes to anyone high-up in the Clinton administration} Accomplice to Mass-Murder "Attorney-General" Janet Reno he set forth to provide this administration with a much needed white-wash with regards to the government's misdeeds at Waco. And a fine job he did, too.

Danforth's problem is that he can't find anything wrong with the ATF's or the FBI's conduct throughout the Waco debacle.

Let's see if I can help this moron out.

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution specifically says that the people have the right to keep "this means 'to own'" and bear "this means 'to carry'" arms "this means 'personal weapons' — including so-called 'assault weapons'" without infringement, yet this moron can't find anything wrong. Hey, Johnny-boy, The Feds weren't even supposed to be there, idiot!

The Branch Davidians had no history of violence nor had they threatened anybody. Yet, the ATF felt this overwhelming need to lie to the military to get a few armored vehicles, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, with which to assault their home. The ATF made not the slightest effort to peacefully serve the warrant — which was obtained by ATF agents lying in the affidavit. The assault was completely unnecessary as Koresh could have been arrested at any time during one of his shopping trips or when he was out jogging. Yet, this moron couldn't find anything wrong. Which agent had the warrant, by the way? No one seems to know.

The Feds pump CS gas into the home of the BDs which, when in the presence of fire and the enclosed conditions undergoes a chemical transformation and becomes cyanide gas. The military is prohibited by the Geneva Convention from using this form of CS gas against the enemy. Yet this idiot can't find anything wrong with our own government using it against some of his fellow Americans. Incidentally, cyanide was found in the corpses of some of the BDs despite the claims of the Feds that they were only gassing the unoccupied spaces within the dwelling. An obvious lie as the purpose of gassing people is to expose them to gas. Yet this moron couldn't find anything wrong.

Danforth had a reputation as a fine, up-standing American. It is now in tatters.

Senator Lieberman: Gore calls upon him to be his VP and the first thing that goes out the window are his principles. Wait a minute. He chucked those during the Clinton's Impeachment Trial. Even though he lambasted Clinton for his immoral conduct with Monica, when it came time to back-up his words with a little constructive action, he voted not to convict.

At one time, he was for school-vouchers and reform of social security. Now that he is running for VP he is singing quite a different tune. He is just like most politicians, he has no firm believes to call his own.

Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Robin Williams, Garrison Keillor, Rosie O ’Donnell: are among the many Hollywood nitwits who continue to support Clinton and his policies despite the scandals that seem to crop-up constantly. These people could have thrown their support behind Bill Bradley and they would have had a candidate that shared their liberal beliefs, but was not touched by any hint of scandal. This is what people with integrity would have done.

But then, Scumbags hangout with and support other scumbags. People of quality and integrity do not.

- - -
(1) Also from The Mikado
(2) Everything he touches turns to crap
(3) Also from The Mikado
(4) A slight rewording of some of the lyrics to "A Policeman’s Lot is not a Happy One" from The Pirates of Penzance, also by Gilbert and Sullivan
(5) James Bovard, Feeling your Pain, St. Martin’s Press, (c)2000
(6) P.J. O'Rourke, Give War a Chance, Atlantic Monthly Press, p. xxii, (c)1992
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(8) See "Now They Have Burned Los Alamos", by Dr. Bill Wattenburg.

James J. Odle is a splendid fellow who, unlike the vast majority of so-called 'public servants' has a real job in the private sector performing real work which a real employer voluntarily pays him to perform. He also presents a double threat to the anti-gunners in that he is a Life Member of Gun Owners of America, a $25 a year member of the National Rifle Association [if they want more they'll have to earn it]. (c)2000 by James J. Odle

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