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Number 176, June 3, 2002

Prove Me Wrong!

FBI: Stupidity, at Best

by Carl Bussjaeger

Exclusive to TLE

The Federal Bureau of Incompetence must have had it in for the World Trade Center. How else can you explain it?

In 1993 the Feebs ran a supposed "sting" operation against a group of terrorists. Some terrorists - They wanted to blow something up, but were unable to figure out how to do it. So the FBI hired an explosives pro to teach the wanna-be's how to do the job. And then the feddies even gave them the explosives.

Their consulting bomber reportedly objected to the use of real, live explosives for what was billed as a simple sting operation. He said there was no need of the real stuff, and it would safer for everyone if it wasn't there.

But the FBI agent in charge insisted.


Never mind everything else the FBI has done - Waco springs to mind - this one incident tells us that there is something seriously WRONG in the FBI. These ... creatures deliberately maneuvered a group of criminals into committing a terrorist act in the heart of one the world's largest cities. They taught them, they armed them. But was it caused by gross, criminal incompetence and stupidity of a magnitude that can make a congressthingy appear bright in contrast? Or was it something more sinister, that would appeal to those prone toward conspiracy theories?

Since I've had personal contact with some of the FBI's finest in the past , I was quite willing to chalk it up to stupidity. I've encountered grapefruit smarter than some feds.

But now we have a new installment in the FBI's terrorism tale. Remember Zacarias Moussaoui, the first man actually charged regarding the 9-11 horrors? Guess what ...?

FBI Director Robert Mueller has finally admitted that the FBI had been warned last summer that Moussaoui might be planning to fly an aircraft into the WTC. But "Maniac" Mueller said, "I do not believe that it gave the signpost of that which would happen on September 11th."


Lessee ... The report stated that a flight student (ding!) might fly an airplane (ding!) into the World Trade Center (ding!, ding!, ding!). So, we have an official report from a field agent that specified a particular person (whom even the feds say has terrorist ties) learning to fly, a specified target; and a specified form of attack...

And Mueller thinks that it wasn't worth following up on? They came after ME with a squad of cops because I was wearing the wrong color ball cap.

What was he waiting for; flight reservation confirmation numbers?

At least we now know how they caught on to Moussaoui so quickly after the attacks: They already knew what he was allegedly planning.

But, considering the FBI's role in the last attempt to destroy the WTC, was that all?

We already know that the FBI has no qualms about killing Americans; they wanted to give Horiuchi a medal for blowing the head off an unarmed mother, after all. But what's happening here?

  • Is the FBI staffed with idiots in need of keepers to wipe the drool off their chins?

  • Maybe they were just going to keep an eye on Moussaoui, in hopes of running another "sting". And then lost track of him. See above.

  • Or... Did you notice that post 9-11 legislation finally gave the FBI nearly every surveillance and "security" tool for which they've been pleading for years? Did they let 9-11 happen? It isn't as though they would have done anything actively wrong; they just had to... be a little slow off the mark. Then rake in the legislative benefits spurred by that nasty example.

Whichever of those three alternatives turns out to be true, one thing is clear. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is dangerous to Americans. Lethally so.

The FBI needs to be exterminated, the Hoover Building razed, and salt sown upon the earth where it stood.

Copyright © 2002 by Carl Bussjaeger. All rights reserved. Permission to redistribute this article for noncommercial purposes is herewith granted by the author, provided that it is reproduced unedited, in its entirety, and appropriate credit given.


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