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Number 176, June 3, 2002

Prove Me Wrong!

Another Stab at Killing the Constitution

by Corey Langeslay

Exclusive to TLE

I was reading my daily stack of news and I came across this blood- boiling article that again points out the truth about our elected officials and their uselessness.

"Proposal Sets National Rules For State IDs, Privacy Issues Raised on Hill, By Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post Staff Writer, Wednesday, April 17, 2002; Page A07

Another foolish Senator that is working on a violation of your civil rights and privacy, Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) is now calling for "standards for state-issued driver's licenses, permitting rapid data- sharing among certain government agencies". Which as we know is politician double speak for Gestapo attack on our freedom. The bonus to this is of course the legislation will "provide funding for states to make changes within three to five years" so we will have to pay for it too. Not only are they stealing our freedom, in the process they will make us pay for the means to the demise of that freedom. It is making the citizen hammer out the links their own chains of slavery. Of course no one single senator could act upon this awful deed, Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) has "strong support from police chiefs and administrators of the nation's motor-vehicle departments" because it protects their tax-funded paycheck so well.

And as a side joke "Durbin emphasized that his measure would leave the authority to issue and revoke licenses solely with the states" and of course no one can convince the skunk how badly this stinks.

Durbin also revealed in an open hearing and on the record that the action of proving your identity will be mandatory at any time by saying, "Since September 11, we have come to realize that this is going to become the coin of the realm in this country. You are going to have to produce a photo ID." So we indeed now HAVE to produce ID or else. You are going to be forced to obtain one, carry one, produce one, and legitimize your breathing in this spot, or else.

Already we are overwhelmed with required identification by the Imperial Federal Government. "'There are more than 200 valid forms of driver's licenses and ID cards issued by the states and other levels of government', said Betty Serian, vice chairwoman of the association and Pennsylvania deputy secretary for transportation." Two Hundred -- my, how the petty dictator bureaucrats like to put us into categories. I really do not care what they all are for, just that they exist is a slap in the face of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton. We are over-regulated, and given ID tags like a dog. We truly are slaves to the Federal Government.

If this wasn't enough, "Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.) is also drafting legislation in the House that would require states to have stricter card-issuing standards and to include 'biometric' technology on ID cards, such as fingerprint or retinal-scan data." And I'll point out what these two idiots have in common besides being elected by the sheep, or the "D" behind their names, is the idea of regulation of the citizens will stop criminals. Of course this is proven to not be true, but convincing them of the facts is another matter.

I have to point out that just because you have one of these new ID cards doesnít put you above suspicion, the converse is true, even with one you will still be questioned and checked. "Papers please" will now be replaced with "Fed ID please" and if you don't pull one out double- quick, you can expect to be "cuffed and stuffed" on the spot by the police, all the while being filmed by the camera in the police car. Will you need an ID for your small children, and they too will have to carry them at all times? Will you need an ID to come and go from place to place or to travel from state to state? What about the permission to travel? Will they control that? What happens when the database shows "No Record" of you? You could guess, but the answer is obvious, they wonít allow, they will require, and you will pay the price. The only option for most of us is to reject any attempt to force one of these ID cards upon us. I don't think I'll be getting one in 3 to 5 years, but I think some who can't tolerate the "National ID card" may get 3 to 5 prison years.

Corey Langeslay is a Libertarian that left the lakes and rivers of Minnesota and moved to Central Texas and works hard at converting the masses from Socialists drones to freethinking Libertarians. Writes essays about humor and freedom, and generally tries to live free in any way he can. He has dogs, cats and a wife that for some unknown reason love him anyway.

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