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The New FBI

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Letters To The Editor
from W. James Antle III, Curt Howland, Brett Middleton, Ian MacEwan, Alobar, and Curt Howland again.

FBI: Stupidity, at Best
by Carl Bussjaeger
The Federal Bureau of Incompetence must have had it in for the World Trade Center. How else can you explain it?
In 1993 the Feebs ran a supposed "sting" operation against a group of terrorists. Some terrorists - They wanted to blow something up, but were unable to figure out how to do it. So the FBI hired an explosives pro to teach the wanna-be's how to do the job. And then the feddies even gave them the explosives.

The Leash is Off
by Jeff Elkins
Well, the leash is off.
America's KGB, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has had it's already sweeping powers augmented yet again, under a set of new "guidelines," issued by Attorney General John Ashcroft.
Keeping in mind that among other things, you can already be arrested and held incommunicado without bail, conversations with your attorney (if you're allowed one) be spied on and taped and you might even find yourself tried by military tribunal, how could things get worse?
Believe it, they just did.

Another Stab at Killing the Constitution
by Corey Langeslay
I was reading my daily stack of news and I came across this blood- boiling article that again points out the truth about our elected officials and their uselessness.

Addicted to the Drug War
by Douglas F. Newman
Drug dealers are the scum of the earth and the dregs of humanity.
There. I hope that satisfies you.
Some, no doubt, will ignore this because this is an essay about the futility of the Drug War. Political correctness is not just a liberal's disease. Many conservatives -- not all, but many -- have done with the Drug War what liberals have done with racial quotas and gay rights. When anyone says anything in opposition to the Drug War, they spaz out as if they were tripping on Angel Dust.

A Non-American Reading of the American Declaration of Independence
by Dr. Khalil Ahmad
The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, is one of the greatest documents human history has produced. The more one reads it, the more meaningful, more insightful it becomes. Another aspect is its way of asserting certain things negatively. That is what I am interested in presenting here. Let us see whether the Declaration substantiates this sort of reading between the lines.

You Can Make a Super-Hero Movie
by David M. Brown
It's not just special effects--although that helps a lot.
There are many movies with swell special effects that fall flatter and flatter the longer you watch them. For example, "Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Fizzle," which has plenty of backdrop and gadgets, but no brio. If bad acting and bad dialogue could a movie make, "Episode One" would be the "Star Wars Episode Four: A New Hope" of our time (which latter had cornball dialogue but not bad dialogue, and not only characters but appealing characters, and was fun). And you wouldn't be wanting to strangle the clunky little pseudo-thespian who "plays" tot Darth. (Fortunately, "Episode Two" is much better, though still wobbly.)

The Daily Threat
by Jeff Elkins
So now we have to be on the lookout for skin-diving Arabs, traveling on Amtrak trains or Trailways buses, wearing plastique wet suits no doubt; perhaps even with suitcase nukes in tow.

IN THIS ISSUE: Scott Bieser's excellent graphic goes nicely with Jeff Elkins' ("The Leash Is Off", "The Daily Threat") and Carl Bussjaeger's ("FBI: Stupidity, At Best") articles on the latest feral abuse of power, don't you think? To quote #1 son:

<<"Some of these activities will be chilling, there's no question of it," Revell said. "But if the public expects and if the Congress expects there to be prevention of terror activities, there's going to have to be the collection of information, and that collection at times will certainly be problematic to people's concerns.">>
-- [Source: http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/05/30/ashcroft.fbi/index.html]

So, lets get this straight. Some of these activities will be "chilling"? Could one even say ... "terrifying"?

This from an agency that called torching churches and shooting unarmed women standard operating procedure? Frankly, I'd like not to be within the blast radius when they bust out "chilling".
So what are we going to do about it? Do libertarians (or whatever we really are) have any spine at all? Or are we just going to shake our heads, nod in agreement with the few who bestir themselves to rant and rave about it, grouse and grumble among ourselves, and then go back to our comfortable routines?

Yep, exactly! That's where my money lies. Prove me wrong!

-The Editor

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