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Space Cadets

by Russmo

IN THIS ISSUE: Smith and Suprynowicz put the editorial tag-team smack down, while Bob Wallace calmly suggests that "It's the Golden Rule, stupid!"

-The Editor

Letters To The Editor
from Julian Morrison, Jay Hailey, Curt Howland, MacGregor K. Phillips, Brian Gross, Jay Hailey, and L. Neil Smith

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself
by Bob Wallace
When I first began to study economics about 15 years ago I wondered how many people were capable of understanding the concepts. Not that many, I decided rapidly. I don't think it's because of a lack of intelligence. Most people, I believe, are twice as smart as they think they are. Mostly it was because of a lack of interest; they weren't willing to put in the time and effort. You could call it Intellectual Sloth.

Abortion: A Mmoral Quagmire
by Wendy McElroy
Abortion. The word alone causes civil conversation to flee the room. This is largely because the pro-choice and pro-life positions are being defined by their extremes, by those who scream accusations in lieu of arguments. More reasonable voices and concerns, on both sides of the fence, are given short shrift.

The Scare Scam
by Jeff Elkins
In its latest attempt to keep the sheeple of the United States on edge and under control, we're being told a fine tale by the federales. Supposedly a former Chicago gang-banger has received training from SPECTRE, oops I mean Al Qaeda, in nuclear weapons technology, to wit construction and deployment of a so called "dirty bomb."

"Now You Have A Choice!"
by L. Neil Smith
My old friend Scott Graves ("Why I Hate Gunnies", TLE #177) couldn't be more wrong if he were a member in good standing of the Bush Administration.
His complaint, based on 12 years in the freedom movement, boils down to an inability on his part to persuade rugged individualists to agree with him about everything.

Fear-mongering Bureau of Incompetence
by Carl Bussjaeger
I should stop picking on the FBI; they're just such easy targets, after all.
But on the other hand, the dipsticks deserve it. After demonstrating its true skills in a months-long blaze of mediocrity ranging to criminal incompetence, the Feebs have done it again. They've captured Public Enemy Number One: Jose Padilla, super-terrorist. Mastermind behind the forthcoming semi-nuclear "dirty bomb" attack on the United States.

'If You Don't Show Up, You Get A Letter, Believe Me'
by Vin Suprynowicz
It may not pay any better than schoolteaching, but there are a few advantages to having your picture in the paper every week, one of which is that the afternoon before I was supposed to report for jury duty I got a call from one of our local district court judges, telling me I probably wouldn't have to worry about it.

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