L. Neil Smith's
Number 179, June 24, 2002

"Assume a Meditative Stance"

The List
by Patrick K Martin

Exclusive to TLE

A few days ago, I and an acquaintance were talking about politics, and he said something that really upset me. He said, "Ya know, I really like the Libertarians, but I want to get into politics someday, and if you join things like that you get put on a list, and you just don't go anywhere." Well he was, of course, talking about "The List", you know, the one "THEY" have. The list of all the bad girls and boys that the government Satan Clause will come to visit one day. The list that says, we need to keep an eye on this one.

I used to believe in The List once upon a time. I used to think that if I just kept my mouth closed about what I thought. I used to avoid joining all those groups that might be on The List. I figured that if I kept my mouth shut and my head down, that my name wouldn't end up on The List, but I was wrong. You see, I played by the governments rules. I registered my guns, I paid my taxes, I got a social-(in)security card. I did everything they tell us to, and that is just what got me on The List.

Only later did I come to understand that The List wasn't something you got on for defending your rights and beliefs, or joining an organization that wants to defend them. It is for the crime of thinking you have rights at all, or at least those "rights" that the government didn't give you. Everything you do gives you away, from buying a firearms to going to the wrong website will get you on The List, so what are you afraid of? The day I realized that I stopped worrying about The List, I was already on it.

Since that day I have joined, to name a few;

The John Birch Society (OK, so I don't always pick the best ones)

The NRA (dropped it when Chuck Heston said I didn't need an AK-47)



The Libertarian Enterprise (I think that got me a big gold star)

and more Bulletin-boards, discussion groups, and regional grass-roots groups than even I can name.

I hope I made The List for each and every one, to Hell with it! I AM AN AMERICAN!!!! I'm not some whipped dog, cowering before my masters. I am a free human being and I will Damn Well act like it, if it hare- lips Hell. I revel in my status as a "Politically Unreliable Person", I bare the governments distrust as a badge of Honor. The question is, why doesn't everyone? Why don't you? You know who you are, you readers who come to these pages every week and delete your history files as soon as you leave. You people who refuse to talk to anyone but your close friends about politics, or any 'Politically-Incorrect' subject because you don't want people to notice you. You don't want people to think you're anything but a card-carrying Republicrat, because you might end up on The List. STOP IT, get off your bellies, you craven dogs, act like MEN! Why, you ask? Why should you risk what you have, in the forlorn hope that we might one day have the freedom that all human beings deserve? Because, there is another kind of list. It is the kind of list that relatives of mine used to carry. The relatives whose pictures are in my family photo album, the pictures of the people in brown shirts with red, white and black armbands. The lists they had? They were the lists of those going to the camps. I guarantee, if you don't get on "The List" today, you will be on the list tomorrow.


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