L. Neil Smith's
Number 179, June 24, 2002

"Assume a Meditative Stance"

On the Creation of the West Bank Ghetto
by Manuel Miles

Exclusive to TLE

We live in the dreaded "interesting times". Personally, I like it, for masks are slipping off of all manner of frauds and bad actors. Phony "libertarians" are exposing themselves for the statist warmongers and racist xenophobes that they are. False "humanitarians" are calling for more and more innocent "collateral damage" deaths in the One Big Imperial War On Bad Guys. Supposed "educators" are publicly opposing any kind of instruction which results in analytical thinking. It's great -- we can finally, if we wish, see people and institutions for exactly who and what they are.

For instance, I have been saying for decades now that, "racism is an equal opportunity employer." That one is scarcely argued any longer. Now it has also become overtly, undeniably clear that, while only a few can be Nazis, anybody can be a fascist.

The current construction of a barrier to "protect the people of Israel" from the scourge of Palestinians who demand rights in their own land is a case in point. Anyone who cannot see the parallels to the Warsaw ghetto and the Berlin Wall is either completely ignorant of history or severely "learning disabled".

Everyone else can learn from history. The important question, however, is who learns what from whom. The Israeli government, which is comprised of (mostly) European invaders of Palestine, learnt from their fellow Europeans, the Nazis. It's sad that they didn't take their historical lessons from the anti-Nazis, but it's evident that they prefer emulation to opposition.

From its terrorist beginnings with the Irgun, Haganah and Stern Gangsters to the elevation of the Butcher of Beirut to its highest political office, the State of Israel has been the legitimate offspring of Nazism, Sovietism and US Imperialism. Now it hardly tries to conceal its true nature. The creation of the West Bank Ghetto makes it plain for all to see that "the only democracy [sic] in the Middle East" has gone the way of the Weimar Republic.

Oh, I'll be slandered as an "anti-Semite" for pointing out the obvious, but I consider it to be an honour as well as further proof of my thesis. After all, the Nazi parent of the Israeli State slandered and baited its opponents, too, didn't it?

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