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IN THIS ISSUE: "Mad Dog" bites back; Wal-Mart just plain bites; Bill and Bill's excellent pledge adventure; and Our Founder shines a light on the dark recesses of a very shadowy cabinet.

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Letters To The Editor
From Bill Walker, Curt Howland, Mark Etanerkist, W. James Antle III, Bob Wallace, Jeremy Sapienza, Ed Williams, Jeff Elkins, Don Winfield, and Tom McCorkle by way of Deborah Williamson

The Kabinet of Georg Busch
by L. Neil Smith
We've been hearing lately that George Bush wants his illegitimate brainchild, the "Office of Homeland Security", to become a Cabinet department. This is a very bad idea, and it should be fought at every step.

Neil, You Were Right
by Angel Shamaya
Back during the 2000 presidential selections, I explained to you and several other libertarian friends my reasons for supporting Texas Governor Bush for the presidency. I explained that while I'd only ever voted libertarian all of my adult life, I'd be holding my nose and punching ballot in his name -- because I knew he'd blow it, and I believed that his failure to enforce our rights as a Republicrat would best assure a third party success in 2004 or 2008. Somehow, I convinced myself that only a Republican victory and the sure-to-follow failure as a Constitutional leader would produce significant Third Party Momentum.

A Rose By Any Other Name...
by Jeff Elkins
Shortly after President George W. Bush announced that Governor Tom Ridge would be serving his Administration as leader of a nascent "Homeland Security" agency, I wrote:
¶ "It has an ominous sound, that name, almost Germanic. (I can't wait to see the uniforms.)"
¶ Now, almost a year later, Republican speechwriting maven Peggy Noonan agrees and has started a campaign to change the name "Homeland Security" to something more palatable, something that will not have such a jarring effect on American ears.

Whose Constitution?
by Carl Bussjaeger
It occurs to me that the Bushes are one seriously strange family.
¶ Never mind the seemingly hereditary tendency to the sort of megalomania that induces them to attempt to lord it over everyone else. Let's just look at their bizarre notions on Constitutional powers and protections. Granted, the document that made the United States a constitutional republic with guarantees of individual freedom is quite thoroughly dead. But these folks did take oaths to obey that Constitution.

The Pledge - "One Nation, Under G-d"
by Bill Bunn
Since the recent decision rejecting the addition of the words "under G-d" to the pledge of allegiance, it appears that many folks have rushed to the defense of just a little bit of government sponsorship of religion. The two-to-one majority of panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals looks much like a voice shouting into the wind. But which argument will actually stand up to thoughtful examination?

Is Capitalism at Fault for the Current Financial Debacle?
by Ragnar Danneskjold
I have been reading stories in the mainstream media, blaming capitalism for the current market woes. It's the greedy capitalists, they say, that are responsible for the faltering economy. "The bottom line is the only thing those capitalists think about, without any consideration for the long-term economic outlook, employees, or social welfare", says one reporter. "Capitalism gives the executives of companies such as Global Crossing, Enron, and WorldCom incentives to cook the books", states another.

Under My God!
by William Westmiller
Rarely does a minor ruling of two federal judges raise such an immediate and tumultuous response. Every political candidate across the country issued resounding press releases within minutes of the Pledge Ruling and within the hour the entire U.S. Senate stood to declare their fortitude and recite the Pledge of Allegiance ... "under God." Very few, if any, had actually read the ruling of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Many thought the pledge itself had been banned, responding with epithets and insults rather than reasoned disputes of the court's wisdom.

Response to Critics
by Manuel Miles
In response to my criticism of right wing anarchy, many assertions were made in letters to TLE, in email sent me, and in an article at TLE. These bear examination and, by way of reply to my various critics, I shall do so here:

Freedom's Pledge
by Jim Duensing
On July 4th, we celebrate the individuals who declared it to be a self-evident truth that all people have the right to breathe free. We celebrate people who considered it their natural right to break the political bonds which had united them with others, when those bonds became, in their opinion, destructive of the ends of liberty and justice.

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