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Building Confidence

by Russmo

IN THIS ISSUE: some good "thinking points" on the Confederacy by Jim Antle, and some equally good ones on "friendly fire" by Manuel Miles. Plus many thoughtful insights from our contributors on "free" solutions to today's problems.

The Editor

Letters To The Editor
from Jason P Sorens, William A. Arvola, Marc Furman, MacGregor K. Phillips, Doug Heard, Paul Birch, Julian Morrison, Robert Williams, Brian Gross, Jack Jerome, Carl E. Mullin, and Curt Howland

The Liberty vs. Security Game
by David Rostcheck
What do gun control laws, random airport passenger searches, and drug tests for public school students who engage in after-school activities all have in common?

Friendly Firestorms
by Manuel Miles
The uproar over the recent "friendly fire" attack on Canadian troops in Afghanistan by their USAF allies has finally begun to subside. This is no doubt due to the inevitable finding that the pilot, and only the pilot, was "to blame". Well, one has to blame somebody, and why not the only party who is unable to defend himself in the matter? Just as Lt Calley was found to be "solely responsible" for the massacre he committed in My Lai village while his superior officers were completely exonerated, Major Schmidt is going to pay the piper for the tunes played by his masters in the Pentagon and the White House.

Oink, Oink, Oink
by Jeff Elkins
The federal sow's homeland security tit is swelling to the bursting point, and that means it's party time! There's no lack of hungry little piglets queuing up for a meal.

I'm Afraid
by Jeff Colonnesi
I'm afraid. Perhaps that needs a little more clarification. An explanation if you will, so that you might understand the thought process that brings me to that statement. So let me see if I can put it into words.

A Free Market Solution to Abortion
by Mark Etanerkist
I usually don't get into the abortion debate for the same reason I usually don't get into the religion debate; everyone seems to have a set position and it won't be changing any time soon. But this is not an essay on the morality of abortion or when a fetus is a human, it's an essay on how abortions can be reduced significantly in a free market. I am prompted to write this because too many people who claim to be libertarians want to use the force of government to stop abortions. I say these people claim to be libertarians because I always thought that the basic idea of libertarianism is the desire to use persuasion instead of initiating force. And since government is funded with stolen money, any solution involving government action initiates force. This is why there needs to be a persuasive way to stop abortions, and that way is the buying and selling of babies.

by Mark Lamoree
Over the past several weeks, signs have begun to appear in a number of suburban yards. They do not claim affiliation with any political party, but urge passers by to "Vote for candidates who will support our public schools." There is no statement of why this is a good idea. The assertion that we must not only preserve the public school system, but also actively support it has, like mush-mouthed assertions about the need to protect our children, become a bromide. The desirability of a government run public school system is taken to be so patently obvious that it needs no defense.

Petty Little Tyrants: Or,
How to Counter the Threat of Spontaneous Human Combustion

by Rick Gee
Even some people who are critical of the centralization of power in DC's federal leviathan labor under the delusion that local government is somehow less repressive and more responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Rights, Libertarianism and The Confederacy
by W. James Antle III
The Civil War ended in 1865, but it continues to arouse passions even today. Dr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo of Loyola College has stoked such passions anew by provoking a heated debate among conservatives and libertarians over that war and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln with his book, The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and An Unnecessary War.

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