L. Neil Smith's
Number 183, July 22, 2002


Anarchists, Who Cares Which Wing?
by Patrick K Martin

Exclusive to TLE

Okay, I admit itís been fun to watch the Anarchists around here try to tear a patch off somebody elseís ass for a change, but I just have to get in here. Manuel Miles in his article about right-wing anarchy stirred the pot pretty well. To be honest, he lost me a couple times, and I did tend to agree with his critics about some things (the fact that Nietzsche was wrong a lot should not relegate him to the ĎSatanicí dustbin, hell even Marx got a couple things right. Which just shows that even a blind marksman will hit the target every once in a while), but on the whole Mr. Miles is on the right track.

Anarchists, as a group, tend to do the exact same thing that every other group does, namely, embrace anything that supports them and ignore everything else. I even see Mr. Miles point about the left (leave me alone with my dope) and right (go away or Iíll kill you) wings of the anarchist non-party. But Mr. Miles (and my-self for that matter) missed a point that I will now bring to your attention. Anarchy (i.e. total self-governance by all) absolutely depends on the one thing it is least likely to get, Rationality! In an anarchistic society the majority of people must behave in a rational manner all the time. Think about that for a minute. We live in a world where people believe in virgin birth, Hegelian dialectic, political promises, transubstantiation, telekinesis, global warming, and professional wrestling, (just to name a few) and you expect these people to act rationally?

Look at that guy over there. No, not the one in the orange speedoís with the Cheech and Chong roll-up in his mouth, give him Ganja at ten bucks a bale and heíll stay too stoned to bother anybody. No, the guy behind him, the one in the suit and tie. Thatís the guy who teaches his kids that the world is four thousand years old, that evolution is a fraud, that dinosaurs are really Dragons, and his God, who is the universal source of all love and mercy, hates queers so bad that he gives them AIDS before he tosses them into a fiery pit to burn for all eternity. Heís the guy you expect to act in a rational manner if your self-interest ever come into conflict with his.

How about this guy over here, the one with the pot-belly and pasty complexion that just screams computer programmer. Heís a "Rational Anarchist" you know, yep, the rational part comes from the fact that he thinks a government is necessary to keep you from acting stupidly. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, is his recipe for harmony, give up your freedom for his safety and all will be right with the world. P.S. donít mention the NRA to him, he thinks that they believe that "A few dead children are a small price to pay for our gunís", itís all about the children you see. You can get along with him, right? Oh I forgot, he thinks taxes are good if you spend them on social programs, just not that frivolous stuff like space exploration, but you can get around that, right?

HEY, WAKE-UP! Look around you, the world is overflowing with chuckle- heads who cannot, not will-not CANNOT, adjust to reality to any meaningful degree. They want to be led, because they would wander in circles until they died of starvation if they arenít. If you pull the rug of government from under their feet you will kill them, because government shields them from reality! Hello, is this thing on? Turn on a T.V. and look at what people find entertaining. Watch the 6 oíclock news and realize PEOPLE BELIEVE THIS SHIT! And you want to turn them loose? Are you nuts?

Look, I know that a lot of people would do just fine without any government at all. I also believe that a lot less government in the world (like 95% less) would go a long way towards getting rid of many of the problems in the world. Hell, I think that most human beings could be educated to accept reality and act in a sane, rational, intelligent manner (at least most of the time) if you could start them off young enough. The problem is most people today see no reason to change, they donít see a problem. Thatís the problem.

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