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Number 184, July 29, 2002


Lon Horiuchi For President!
by Manuel Miles

Special to TLE

All too frequently, I read at American web sites of the "danger" that the USA "might" or "could become" a police state. This is proof, if any be needed, that even supposedly libertarian Americans live in a mental and emotional La-La Land.

The United States of America has been a police state for many decades already, (if not even since at least 1861). The establishment of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DEA, the BATF, and now the OHS and TIPS are not the work of anything other than a police state. That the situation grows worse all the time does not mean that there is a "danger" of a police state, but that such entities always progress in just this manner.

The attack on the Move House in Philadelphia many years ago was not the normal enforcement of municipal bylaws. The attacks at Ruby Ridge and Waco were not "humanitarian interventions". The idiots who harass you at the airport are not civil libertarians. The fact that there is a "relatively free market" (i.e. a very unfree and controlled market) does not make the USA "still the greatest country in the world" as Yanks so often reassure themselves.

The saying that "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people" is demonstrably true. The emotional appeal of The Flag and the Star Spangled Banana and all the rousing militaristic Sousa marches must not be underestimated. Americans are suckers for nationalism, and they will salute the silly feudal banner and sing the national anthem while wondering if the USA is "in danger of becoming a police state". I suppose that citizens of the Third Reich worried about that, too.

In the interests of clearing up the confusion, I'll make the following observation: Jan "the man" Reno is running for governor of Florida, even as I type. This is the individual who took "full responsibility" for the deliberate mass murder of innocent women and children at Waco, Texas, on the pretext of serving a warrant for a minor violation of a firearms registration law. She did this in her (then) capacity as the highest-ranking law enforcement officer of the federal state. She has never faced a single charge for these murders.

Now the evil bitch is openly campaigning to become gauleiter of the Sunshine State. This could only happen in a police state. In any other kind of nation such an individual would be kept under lock and key; in the USA, Charlie Sheen is out shilling for this fascist demon.

Let us note also that Lon Horiuchi is a free man today. He deliberately shot a small boy in the back, killing him.
           [NOTE: Sammy Weaver was shot by U.S. Marshal
           William Degan, or a member of his "special operations"
           team. FBI agent and sniper Horiuchi was not "on-scene"
           at the time. - ed.]

He then fatally shot the boy's mother, as she held her baby girl in her arms. There is no doubt or even debate of either of these facts, but since Horiuchi was a police officer acting on behalf of the federal state at the time, he was exonerated -- by that same state. If he had only murdered more women and children, perhaps he'd be in the running for the presidency. As his kill count now stands, however, he's only qualified to be a governor or US senator. Perhaps he can take Bob Kerrey's former seat.

Despite these current events, apologists for the US Reich can only bleat that The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave is not a police state, since the process is not yet complete; "After all, people are still able to move about [relatively] freely and you can [still] say what you want [so far, and within limits], right?"

If an alligator is chewing off your foot you aren't dead yet either. So why worry that it will continue to eat you? After all, it might become satiated soon.

Then again, you-all, it just might not.


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