An 'Unreviewable and Irreversible Power ... To Acquit'

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by MoPaul

Number 185, August 5, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: This week, we feature an article by Professor Butler Shaffer, "WILL A POLICE STATE PROTECT YOUR LIBERTY?", as well as scribblings from some of our faithful, reliable "Usual Suspects".

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The Editor

Letters To The Editor
from Curt Howland, Gregory Tetrault, Manuel Miles, Matthew Hogan, Sam Grove, Dr Peter Wilhelm, John Lopez, and Dave Tharp.

Tips, and Tactical Timing
by Carl Bussjaeger
Yes, liberty does seem to be lost, as Ashcroft claims, or nearly so. No doubt the Reichsmarshall would like us to believe that battle is over so that we'll stop fighting him. It's happening piecemeal, and started generations ago. In the common freedom analogy, we're being boiled slowly. (Has anyone actually done that to a frog? It strikes me as unlikely in the extreme that it would work that way.)

Assassination Politics vs. Electoral Politics
by Mark Etanerkist
In last week's issue Karl G. Long raises objections to my position regarding the Freestate Project and Assassination Politics. His argument is that since I object to the Freestate Project because it imposes a state (even a limited one) on unwilling people, that I can't support the destruction of a state because it will impose anarchy upon unwilling people..

Going To Hell In Your Own Way
by Patrick K Martin
In my six-year incarceration in Catholic schools, I learned one very important fact, just about anything you do will get you sent to Hell.

Will A Police State Protect Your Liberty?
by Butler Shaffer
Whenever George Bush gives us that Alfred E. Neuman smirk and begins prattling about "freedom," I know that some member of his administration is about to announce the formation of another link in our chain of subjugation to the state. Like the heads of warring states who fill the media with words of their dedication to "peace" -- all the while looking for bigger clubs with which to smash their enemies -- "freedom", in the mouths of politicians, has a reverse meaning from the normal import of the word.

An 'Unreviewable and Irreversible Power ... To Acquit'
by Vin Suprynowicz
I was called for jury duty again July 29. Judge John McGroarty of the 16th Department was attempting to seat a jury for the murder trial of one Daniel R. Jones, who allegedly stabbed his younger brother Steven to death a year ago in a condominium near Owens Avenue and Lamb Boulevard.

by Mark Lamoree
Tonight, the nine miners pulled -- literally -- from the bowels of the Earth appeared together on television. They told their story in detail, but with no drama. Although they survived only because of cool-headedness in the face of a danger that would leave the vast majority of human beings gibbering in insensate terror and because of determination that is truly awe-inspiring, they did not trumpet themselves as heroes.

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