Come the Revolution? What Revolution?

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by MoPaul

Number 186, August 12, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: Not that Himself needs defending, but ... And check out Carl Bussjaeger's outrage. Not to mention John Lopez's -- wow!

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Come the Revolution? What Revolution?
by Patrick K Martin
It is said that the institution of slavery has one person who is indispensable to its operation, the slave himself. Look around you, none of us is truly responsible for our lives and actions, instead the government removes our responsibilities from us and acts in the manner it thinks best. How then do you assert your freedom? Mostly, you don't. How many of you pay taxes? How many of you younger men have registered for the draft? How many of you pay social security? Comply with laws which you oppose? Send your kids to government schools? Petition for school subsidies (i.e., vouchers)? Conform to zoning ordinances, environmental laws and land-use regulations? Is there any Federal, State, County, or Municipal, Law, Act, Ordinance, Regulation or Tax with which you comply? Then to that extent you are a slave.

by John Taylor
OK, there's this guy, see, and he's got this web site, see, and all over his site he has a whole bunch of stuff that he claims is libertarian. (I'd give you the URL and the guy's name, but this is one of those rare cases where the schmuck doesn't deserve the recognition, even though avid TLE'ers would descend on him like a pack of ravenous, slavering hounds, and that would make me very, very happy.

The Moral Outrage of Voting
by John Lopez
In my county in the 2000 election, 1,306 votes were cast for the Libertarian candidate for president. Did these folks care about their freedom? Did they think they were Doing The Right Thing? As one of those people, I can say that probably they did. There is nothing that I can say about this mistake except that I was ignorant, naive, and foolish ("I didn't know it was loaded."). If I could, I would ask those voters one question: How dare you?

Is Bush a Well-Meaning Dupe? Does it Really Make Any Difference?
by Kevin Tuma
It is now the eleventh hour before Police State America. Less than one year after the World Trade Center attacks, the Federal government-- ordinarily plodding and slow, when it comes to mundane matters--is speeding us down the fast track to military government on greased rails. We have the Office of Homeland Security. Federalized airport screeners. Laws that give the police unbelievable authority to snoop and intrude, without search warrants. There is a movement toward a National ID card, which will probably be insidiously pushed through in the form of state Driver's Licenses. New tracking devices with microchips that are meant to be inserted under human skin. Military tribunals. Plans for forced vaccinations of entire cities. Secret police. There is even talk of legalizing torture. Concentration camps and gulags may be on next month's agenda. One shudders in anticipation of what will be proposed next.

Jackbooted Thug of the Month, August 2002: Officer Gary Kingsbury
by Carl Bussjaeger
Officer Gary Kingsbury, while on vacation and sixty miles outside of his normal jurisdiction, went above and beyond the call of Thuggish duty to evict and arrest an official candidate for Governor of South Dakota from a purportedly open debate with the candidates. As an added bonus, Kingsbury is Samizdat's first JBT winner known to have personally drawn blood from his victim in the course of earning his award.

Why Does George W. Bush Hate Saddam Hussein?
by Jim Duensing
The American people have been given no concrete evidence that Saddam has done anything but torture and kill the Iraqi people, since his attack against Kuwait. This in itself is bad, but there are worse in the world. And, America has never waged an aggressive war, as it is planning to do against Saddam. In fact, are not the terrorists considered evil because they attacked without provocation? Was not Japan vilified for attacking Pearl Harbor without provocation? Why won't the same logic apply to the United States if and when it attacks Iraq?

Stepping Over the Boundaries
by Gail Jarvis
Too many of our laws are being selectively enforced, a classic example being violations of the tax-exempt status of charitable organizations. The Internal Revenue Service allows a tax exemption for certain "charitable and non-profit organizations" if they do not engage in "political activities". Unfortunately, the IRS's description of "political activities", specifically in section 501(c)(3), is a little fuzzy but it does expressly prohibit "activities that encourage people to vote for or against a particular candidate, even on the basis of non-partisan criteria."

James Dobson: Flaming Liberal?
by Doug Newman
I am not morally superior to you, but it is fair to say that I don't gamble. I have been in two casinos in my life, and was not thrilled. I might drop five bucks on a football game once every other year. However, I have never seen the allure of it all. It is a vice I have, on balance, successfully avoided.

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