Remarks To The Fifth Annual Convention Of The Mars Society

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"The Nanny State"

by RussMo

Number 187, August 19, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: An excellent exposition by new contributor Corinne Low; L. Neil's outstanding speech to the Mars Society; and hard-hitting articles by Vin, Bob Wallace, and Wally Conger.

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Fine, Throw Your Vote Away!
A Love Letter to Third Party Voters

by Corinne Low
In today's world, the damning phrase "third party" conjures up images of a suspiciously trustworthy Ralph Nader, or a balding and blunt Ross Perot. The solution to government subterfuge, they seem to assert, is political subterfuge. We, as educated American voters, know that a vote for a third party candidate, no matter how tempting, is just as ineffectual in the election process as a vote for Big Bird. But whether you fill in "Russ Troll" on your next presidential ballot, or defiantly vote for the heir to the Harry Browne throne, you are doing something more than throwing your vote away. You're making a statement. The question is, what kind?

Remarks To The Fifth Annual Convention Of The Mars Society
by L. Neil Smith
There is an old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times". In exactly that sense, it's been "interesting" to listen to the other speakers at this conference as they try, one after another, each in his own way, to deal with the fact that very few of their fellow human beings seem interested in going for the "carrot" the rest of us desire so passionately, of space exploration, settlement, and development.

Which Is The Nation Of Slaves, Numbered Like Cattle?
by Vin Suprynowicz
Japanese citizens, as almost any American can tell you, live in a closely tracked and regimented society. Why, they're nearly devoid of individual liberty -- or the kind of gumption needed to assert one's liberties -- when compared to their free-wheeling American cousins. We all know that.

Our Stupid, Criminal Airport Screeners
by Bob Wallace
I had a semi-epiphany several days ago. It was almost a case of the proverbial light-bulb going on over my head. I was at one of our modern-day police-states known as an airport, looking at the semi- Neanderthals known as the screeners, and understanding overcame me: I finally understood the Mind of the Nazi.

Remembering Randy Weaver
by Wally Conger
Big Media is all abuzz right now. "How shall we commemorate the first anniversary of 9/11?" they ask. "Where do you draw the line between a tasteful memorial and too much?" It's a safe bet that politicians and pundits will err on the side of "too much."

Senate Must Not Ratify CEDAW
by Wendy McElroy
After more than two decades of the U.S. Senate refusing to ratify the United Nation's Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the treaty July 30, sending CEDAW once more to a full Senate vote.

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