L. Neil Smith's
Number 190, September 16, 2002


Let's Roll?
by Patrick K Martin

Exclusive to TLE

Here I sit one year after 9/11, listening to the tributes and the talking heads droning on about the attack, and I wonder how stupid Americans can be. One year after the fruits of our touchy-feely, Age- of-Aquarius, make-love-not-war society have spattered on the hard concrete of reality, we all sit and dab our eyes thinking of the human tragedies that we have glimpsed, and waiting for it to happen again. Our "Leaders" give out warnings, pass laws, enact regulations, and post color coded threat levels (knowing the media types are too stupid to deal with complicated warnings like High, Medium, and Low) while the American people stand mother naked before the enemy.

The government knows that the most likely group of persons to engage in terrorist attacks are 20 to 40 year old males of middle-eastern descent, but are such persons subject to greater scrutiny? No, that would be 'Racial Profiling'. The government knows that airport security is lax at best, has anything been done? No, the same stumble- bum rent-a-cops are working there today, albeit with better pay and benefits, courtesy of the American tax-payers. The government know that Al-Qaeda was training to disrupt civil order through smaller scale attacks on American citizens (drive-by shootings, small bombings, assassinations, etc.), have they encouraged American citizens to be vigilant and ARMED like the Israeli grandmother who shot the homicide-bomber not long ago? No, in fact the usual suspects in Washington are attempting to use the 9/11 attacks to justify further disarmament of the American public. Have they even amended U.S. Code Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 2, Section 37 to allow American citizens to defend themselves from hijackers without fear of Federal prosecution? NO, if you say 'Let's Roll' and jump the guys who want to slam your plane into a building you might get a heros welcome, or you might spend years as a guest of the Federal Penal system, depending on the political whim of the moment.

No my friends, nothing has changed, except the level of fear. The question is, what should we fear most, the terrorists, or the government that demands we be defenseless before them? Here's a hint, only one of them is pointing anti-aircraft missiles at your flight, and promising to use them.


The State vs. The People, by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman

Is America becoming a police state? Friends of liberty need to know.

Some say the U.S. is already a police state. Others watch the news for signs that their country is about to cross an indefinable line. Since September 11, 2001, the question has become more urgent. When do roving wiretaps, random checkpoints, mysterious "detentions," and military tribunals cross over from being emergency measures to being the tools of a government permanently and irrevocably out of control?

The State vs. the People examines these crucial issues. But first, it answers this fundamental question: "What is a police state?"

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