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"Justifying War"

by RussMo

Number 190, September 16, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: I want to run a saloon on Mars, by gum! Women and children welcome! Check your guns at the door ... to make sure they're in good condition! Be on your best behavior, though; Doc's right over there in the corner. Now, what's your pleasure? (Try a straight shot of El Neil ... it'll set your mind free!)

Vin sez: Here come da judge!

Many Happy Returns to the Free State Project! Read excerpts from Jason Sorens' birthday essay ... and by all means, visit their website.

And speaking of worthwhile projects, Simon says, "Try Carl Bussjaeger's on for size!"

Oh, by the way ... if you can't find something "real" or "empirical" in this issue, then brother, you can't read!

The Editor

Letters To The Editor
from Carl Bussjaeger, John Lopez, Lew Glendenning, Thomas Kinderknecht, Warren Tilson, Dr. Khalil Ahmad, Patrick Martin, Henry Sturman, and John Slevin:

Mars Needs Saloons!
by L. Neil Smith
It says here -- according to Reuters by way of the Associated Press and America On Line -- that "Mars could resemble the lawless Wild West if privately funded adventurers seeking to exploit the planet get there before governments, a leading British astronomer said Wednesday". Ooooooooh ...

The Kashmir Conflict: How to Keep it Alive!
by Dr. Khalil Ahmad
The Kashmir conflict, like other ones such as Palestine, does have a history. Parties to it write, rewrite and exploit this history to a point where its ability to offer a solution becomes precarious. Besides, this kind of use of history complicates the conflict inextricably, and one wonders whether it would ever be possible to resolve it. So, I think, instead of delving into the history of Kashmir conflict, it's better to look forward to its possible resolutions.

Let's Roll?
by Patrick K Martin
Here I sit one year after 9/11, listening to the tributes and the talking heads droning on about the attack, and I wonder how stupid Americans can be. One year after the fruits of our touchy-feely, Age- of-Aquarius, make-love-not-war society have spattered on the hard concrete of reality, we all sit and dab our eyes thinking of the human tragedies that we have glimpsed, and waiting for it to happen again. Our "Leaders" give out warnings, pass laws, enact regulations, and post color coded threat levels (knowing the media types are too stupid to deal with complicated warnings like High, Medium, and Low) while the American people stand mother naked before the enemy.

Searching the Land for a Pro-Gun-Rights JUDGE
by Vin Suprynowicz
It's unusual for Gun Owners of America, the nation's largest gun- rights lobby (JPFO being considerably smaller than GOA, while the NRA is, of course, the nation's largest gun control organization) to endorse in a judicial race, so I rang Larry Pratt in Northern Virginia to ask about his recent announcement that the group will endorse Nevada state Supreme Court candidate Don Chairez.

The Simon Jester Starter Kit
by Carl Bussjaeger
If you haven't read the classic SF novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert A. Heinlein, this whole Simon Jester thing may be confusing you. Simon Jester was the "imaginary" creation of some of Heinlein's characters. He was a little devil who tormented the Lunar government with witty - and critical - jokes, ditties, poems, slogans, and cartoons. Later, Simon branched out into the poltergeist business by playing practical jokes on gov-goons and bureaucrats. He always signed his work with a little cartoon image of a grinning gremlin.

The Evil Ones
by Jim Duensing
It is more plausible, in fact it is quite probable, that most of the Muslim world despises America because the American government sponsors coup-de-tats and struggling despots in order to get better oil prices or to temporarily achieve a slightly more favorable diplomatic agreement with any particular country. In one particular case, the United States government funded an extremist firebrand with a talent for recruiting young Muslim males who is blamed for creating a globalist terrorist network which attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon one year ago today.

A History of the Free State Project [Excerpt]
by Jason P. Sorens
The Free State Project is one year old today - its official beginning was September 1st, 2001. On that day the Statement of Intent and Participation Guidelines (at that time we called them "bylaws") were presented to the public.

by James J Odle
For all our commercial success, we Americans are remarkably financially ignorant. Ask the average American to define the word 'dollar'(1) and he will promptly pull from his billfold a green rectangular object that has the words 'Federal Reserve Note' boldly printed thereon. Other than discussing how and in what he invests, interest rates, what he earns, spends and owes the average American can't muster an intelligent discussion about money. Asked about the money multiplier effect or fractional reserve banking and he will respond with "Huh? What are you talking about?"

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