Freedom and the Non-Initiation of Force

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Job Creation

by RussMo

Number 193, October 7, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: a little "West Neil Virus" for The Bird; that DC sniper must be from Virginia, 'cause DC don't 'low no guns; "feels like I'm livin' in the Twilight Zone"; and "I got your initiation of force, right here!"

Letters To The Editor
Letters from John Lopez, Derek Benner, MacGregor K. Phillips, Jay P Hailey, David Engbers, Caleb Paul, and David Langley

by John Hoffman
After hearing about the recent shootings in our nation's capital this morning, I did something I rarely do any more; I turned on the boob tube and tuned in CNN's "Headline News" channel, looking for more information. Yup, go ahead, call me a boob. You'd be right.

The Shelter
by Patrick K Martin
I saw a favorite old T.V. show of mine today. An original "Twilight Zone" episode called "The Shelter". For those of you who have never seen it, this story is about neighbors who, during a dinner party, discover that a nuclear attack is occurring. The main character, a doctor, moves his family to their fallout shelter, the rest scatter to their homes in panic, only to return and demand a place for themselves and their families, because they have no shelters of their own. The Doctor explains that there is only room for three people, and that they should have listened when he urged them to build their own shelters. The neighbors beg, they plead, they offer to draw lots to see which family should use the shelter, then they threaten and eventually batter down the door. In the end the war never happens, the attack was a false alarm, and the lesson was "To remain a civilization, we must remain civilized."

Freedom and the Non-Initiation of Force
by Mark Etanerkist
Lately I've been seeing a disturbing trend. The trend is for libertarians to bash the non-initiation of force principle, also known as the non-aggression principle. This is seen in TLE #192 with John "Birdman" Bryant's essay and recently at with George Justin Mallone's essay. \ The problem these two have is that not initiating force is impractical. Bryant claims that it gets in the way of stopping someone who you know will attack you. While Mallone claims that liberty will be difficult to advance if libertarians can't initiate force. Here I will show that the non-initiation of force principle not only allows individuals to prevent an attack from occurring but is also necessary to advancing the cause of liberty.

Lay Low the Rich
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Earlier this year, a series of news reports revealed that the government's tax enforcers were applying disproportionate pressure on the working class and the working poor. It turns out, extensive audits showed, that quite a few backyard auto mechanics, diner waitresses, and clock punchers of all sorts weren't reporting all their income.

The Myth of GOP Conservatism:
The Ugly Truth About the Republican Party

by Kevin Tuma
As a paleoconservative, I find myself these days looking back at the Clinton Administration with a sort of warm, golden nostalgia. Much has changed since those days...and not for the better.

Fall in the Air?
by Lowell Potter
Not that anyone has raised any great fuss clamoring for me to grace the web any further with my often inchoate ramblings on political and world affairs, I feel once more compelled to throw my two cents worth into the bottomless well of internet opinion pieces. And so, here I go again. ...

Dis-Mything 9-11 Supplement A: Iraq -- S.O.P.?
by L. Reichard White
My wife and I were visiting Poland when the Berlin wall came tumbling down. We watched footage via satellite on the TV of a disgustingly rich -- by Polish standards of the day -- business friend. My wife and I joked about the U.S. not having the Soviet Union to kick around any more. Who will they find as a replacement? Someone came up with Iraq.

Lady Liberty Dropped Her Torch
by Jim Duensing
Unfortunately, an idea has taken hold amongst the populace that America is great because America is great and that America is and always will be free. Therefore, whatever conditions currently exist in America define freedom and we should be grateful for them.

by the Editor


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