L. Neil Smith's
Number 194, October 14, 2002


by Carl Bussjaeger

Exclusive to TLE

Once I gave the matter rational thought, it seemed perfectly natural and desirable that women should be armed. Even in my novel, NET ASSETS, a young woman hefts a '98 Mauser in 8mm to protect herself, her friends, and her dreams.

The American people failed to remember that the Second Amendment was the enforcement clause for the rest of the Bill of Rights, and consequently neglected to keep their sights on the politicians.

Congress should come packaged with a warning label and material safety data sheet.

Up north, I've noticed people put statues of deer in their front yards. You can't do that in Georgia. Not only would someone shoot it, but the stupid son of a bitch would dull his best knife field dressing the damned thing.

Hell hath no fury like a petulant president trying look as tough as daddy.

Yo, Dubya! If you're our "national leader", you lead the charge when the troops hit the ground in Iraq.

The idiot Easterners back in DC have decided that prairie dogs are an endangered species. I wish.

I'm 41 years old and I'm losing my hair and marbles at roughly the same rate. I'm still undecided whether it's a good thing or bad that I started with less marbles than hair.

I don't care how fine you claim your motives to be. It's my life; leave it alone!

The sheer immorality of victim disarmament aside, one would hope every government thug out there would stop to consider all the possible ramifications of kicking in several million doors because the occupants are well armed.

Gun Control: The theory that this time criminals will passively obey a law.

Ask yourself why the government refuses to trust its citizens with weapons as effective as those it keeps for itself.

Pols, 'crats, and legal weasels stayed honest only as long as they knew there were guns pointed at their heads by concerned Americans.

If it turns out that there really is a just god, a lot of politicians are in deep shit when they die.

The military shudders at the thought of launch capability in private hands. After all, anything that can toss a satellite into orbit could toss a warhead at, say... Washington, DC.

Politics: The art of distorting economics through the application of inappropriate forces.

So many politicians, so few... Say! Wait a minute; we've got lots of bullets.

Representative Republic: A form of government based on the assumption that three drooling idiots ... er, Congressmen are smarter than one free man willing to think for himself.

Americans fought for liberty, with all the attending risks of self-determination. We thought we were fighting off the tyranny of England, NAZI Germany, and the USSR, among others. We did not fight for the safe slavery of the police state, imposed by a government calling itself our own, and which makes those others look benevolent in comparison.

The right to self defense is the expression of a basic survival instinct, the desire to stay alive. Remember that, when some gun control advocate tells you to leave your defense to some cop who isn't there. That bastard wants you dead.

The deliberate failure to notice an attractive member of the opposite sex is indicative of an interrupted survival mechanism. Sex-Nazis have failed the most basic evolutionary test, and petulantly demand that the rest of us follow them, lemming-like, into oblivion.

Government is a sick creature which dreams sadomasochistic fantasies of paranoid power trips, inflicts them upon us, and demands that we like it or die.

You've seen those black silhouettes that people prop up around their homes, in bushes? Me, I'm way too paranoid already to deliberately set shadowy figures lurking around my house. Besides, with Homeland Security, it would be redundant.

Government has erected one hell of a tall border fence to keep us out of space. One of these days, before it's too late, we need to tear that fence down. Space doesn't need a "roadless initiative".

Run that by me again. In what significant way does being mugged differ from having some bureaucrat threaten to beat me and lock me up if I don't give him my money?

The Supreme Court is the federal excretory system; that's why it pisses on your rights at every opportunity.

How far will I trust a politician? Oh, maybe as much as two hundred yards. Of course, a real marksman with a better gun might be willing to trust one a little farther.

You want government handouts? Be a real man; don't get gov to take my money and give it to you. Try sticking a gun in my face to steal it yourself, and see what happens.

Bullets whizzing in the general direction of uppity politicians are the most eloquent of citizen protests.

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Net Assets
by Carl Bussjaeger
"Access to Space for Everyone!"

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