L. Neil Smith's
Number 195, October 21, 2002


Whaddaya Mean "We," Dubya?
by Carl Bussjaeger

Exclusive to TLE

"We will face our dangers squarely, and we will face them unafraid. If we go into battle, as a last resort, we will confront an enemy capable of irrational miscalculations, capable of terrible deeds. As the commander-in-chief, I know the risks to our country."
- Fuhrer Dubya, October 16, 2002


"We." Does this mean that you will be leading the troops into battle? Or, like your pusillanimous pappa before you, will you "lead" from a few thousand miles behind the lines in DC? Don't tell me "we," when you plan to hide from any danger, just as you did on 9-11. At the very least, if you must cower under your bed at home while sending others out to die for you, forego all the special security measures that aren't shared with rank and file Americans.

Don't tell me "we" unless you take the same gov-begotten risks that you are inflicting upon the rest of us.

"Last resort." You warmongering wank; you've spent the past year dreaming up excuses to attack Iraq. You've lied about terrorist connections, You've demanded that international treaties be unilaterally re-written. And when Iraq has agreed to conditions, you've simply moved on to another bit of rabid rationale. All this as you've continued to bomb Iraq anyway, perpetuating the policies of your deadly daddy and Clinton.

"An enemy capable of irrational miscalculations." Such as yourself? At least one version of events has it that bin Laden ordered Al-Qaeda to strike because of US interference in the Muslim Middle East. Yet somehow you believe that it is rational to believe that you can change that by interfering even more? And do you truly believe that it is rational to claim that the military might that supposedly deterred the huge, old Soviet Union from attacking America won't deter a tiny, third rate, war-torn nation. Iraq hasn't even been able to stop a decade of "post-war" bombings by the US and UK. Are you insane, stupid, or both?

"I know the risks to our country." Possibly, but coward that you are, I know you won't share those risks. When the reprisals start, you'll huddle in the safety of Air Force One or some hidden bunker, while real Americans pay your price for you.

As a nation, Iraq has nothing with which to attack America. At best, its plywood Scuds are good for a few hundred miles. What aircraft it has left can't make it through the no-fly zones. A naval blockade has assured the same for Iraq's surface vessels. Racked by war and economic sanctions, Iraq is no military threat to America, thousands of miles away. As a nation, the only way Iraq can hurt Americans is if the US sends Americans there.

But America can be hurt by independent terrorist action, which is exactly what you are going to stimulate. You are going to get Americans killed.

So long as America is going to curse itself with "national leaders" with the arbitrary power of life and death over its people, we need to make some changes. These "leaders" must be required to take precisely the same risks, face the same dangers as those most threatened by their acts. Those contemptible Congressional cowards who abdicated the responsibility they swore to hold, who tried to wash their hands of the coming blood, by voting "war powers" to the White House weasel, should squeeze their rotund bodies into BDUs and flack jackets, board the C-141s, and be the first troops to pound sand.

Led by the commander-in-chief himself, for once living up to the job title, no longer insulated from the consequences of his actions.

If you want war, oh glorious leader, you sweat and bake in the sun, freeze at night, chafe in the sand, and piss your pants when bullets fly.

And maybe, just as your prevaricating pappy promised the troops in the first go-around, we'll let you come "home by Christmas."

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