How Many Americans Does it take to Change a Dim Bulb?

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Number 195, October 21, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: El Neil speaks! Text of his speech to The Second Annual Freedom Summit. Also, Carl Bussjaeger on the "sniper" and "BushWar II -- Son of BushWar". Plus a bewitching article by Kathryn A. Graham.

Letters To The Editor
Letters from Jackson Lawless (with an Editorial Reply), from Carl Bussjaeger, and from Mark Etanerkist:

How Many Americans Does it take to Change a Dim Bulb?
Remarks By L. Neil Smith To The Second Annual Freedom Summit
October 12th and 13th, 2002, Phoenix, Arizona

by L. Neil Smith
It would appear that honest individuals, in what I've been known to call the "general freedom movement", differ with one another over the practicality, the efficacy, and even the morality of the existence and operation of a libertarian party. I'm not here today to argue one side of that or another. The fact is that the Libertarian Party exists, and, for better or worse, its various candidates -- its presidential nominee in particular -- are the most publicly visible spokespersons for individual liberty in our civilization.

This is a Sniper?
by Carl Bussjaeger
As of this writing, there have been nine deaths attributed to the "sniper" in the DC area. I notice that this weasel isn't taking potshots at anyone in my area, where people are likely to be armed and shoot back. The overwhelmed cops have called in assistance from feddie agencies. And what have those geniuses, the Feddie Bumbling Incompetents come up with?

The Pagan Libertarian Connection
by Kathryn A. Graham
Libertarians are the only politicos who talk about religious freedom -- and really mean what they say. Conservative Republocrats think freedom of religion means you can freely pick your sect of Christianity. And the Democrooks want everyone to be warm and fuzzy together while they seize your guns so you can't do anything about it when they give away the contents of your wallet.

Whaddaya Mean "We," Dubya?
by Carl Bussjaeger
Frogsnot. "We." Does this mean that you will be leading the troops into battle? Or, like your pusillanimous pappa before you, will you "lead" from a few thousand miles behind the lines in DC? Don't tell me "we," when you plan to hide from any danger, just as you did on 9-11. At the very least, if you must cower under your bed at home while sending others out to die for you, forego all the special security measures that aren't shared with rank and file Americans. Don't tell me "we" unless you take the same gov-begotten risks that you are inflicting upon the rest of us.

Fingerprinting Firearms?
by Jim Duensing
In politics, it's called a trial balloon. George W. announced through his spokesman that the ATF, at the President's request, is looking into the possibility of "fingerprinting" every firearm. Firearms leave distinctive marks on the bullet and on the casing of every cartridge fired. For instance, if you look at a fired brass casing, you can tell if it was fired from a Glock or from a Heckler and Koch. However, these marks are very easily altered.

Purging the Political Correctness Within
by Wendy McElroy
Political correctness is not just an ideology; it is an attitude. And although the ideology may be dying out, it can live on in the attitudes many of us have absorbed from our culture -- a culture that has been ravaged and dominated by political correctness for decades. We need to exorcise its spirit.

You'll Neva Know If You Neva Go
by Caleb Paul
Recently, on my way to England from Australia, I spent about ten weeks in the former Soviet Union - seven weeks in Russia, and three weeks in the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. I also spent time in Korea and Sweden. It was an exhilarating trip, at times painfully frustrating and bewildering, always entertaining, and ultimately very enlightening.

by the Editor


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