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Number 196, October 28, 2002


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Letter from Carl Bussjaeger

Letter from Tom Wyman

Letter from Scott Cattanach

Letter from Curt Howland


<< Why is everyone so totally gobsmacked when they meet a Witch who is also a patriot, a committed libertarian and a firearms instructor? >>

In defense of those folks, it may be because many open Wiccans do perpetuate the stereotype that worries you. Offhand, I can only recall seven Wiccans of my acquaintance who carried. And I've taken a lot of heat from others when they realized that I was carrying.

There may well be two groups who need some education on this matter.

Carl Bussjaeger [bussjaeger@free-market.net]


I don't know if you guys can be any help or not, but here's my problem. About 3 years ago I bought a long gun through a dealer, was delayed but not denied, transaction was completed.

Now, last Tuesday, same thing -- did paperwork on a long gun, dealer called it in, they delayed it as I knew they would.

The trouble is, is that I've been denied, and there hasn't been any legal problem since the last time. Is there been some new law that's caused this problem? I can't get any info out of ATF, nor will they tell my dealer anything. Anyone tell me where to go from here?


Tom Wyman [WICKDWOLF@webtv.net]


<< The FBI thinks that the ability to hit stationary, man-sized targets at 100 yards or less, with one shot, requires specialized "sniper" training? >>

Its the NYPD and not the FBI, but you might be interested in this little tidbit about police accuracy at distance (in all fairness, probably not using rifles):

Distance shots/hits, %
0-2 yards 226/90 37%
3-7 yards 89/12 14%
8-15 yds 20/0 0%
16-25 yds 0/0 0%
25+ yds 1/0 0%
not stated 135/13 10%
TOTAL 471/115 24%

I didn't see what year this info was from. When the "perp" was shooting back, 27 officers fired 185 shots and hit on 16, for 9%. Police fired an average of 6.9 shots per incident, while "perps" fired an average of 3.82 shots per incident. 50% of shooting incidents take place either in daylight or under good artificial light.

Of 175 officers who fired their guns, only 9 (5%) reported using their sights.

Scott Cattanach [sendtoscott@yahoo.com]


Mark Etanerkist wrote,

<< So what would happen if less and less people vote in the U.S., the king of democracy's? After all, if less then 50% is enough to make a Serbian election invalid, what does it say about America if only 40% of the people turn out? I say it's time to find out. >>

The results are all around us right here and now. The lack of a majority bothering to vote has been repeated for many cycles, long before Clinton's 40% win. 40%, that is, of those who bothered to vote on that question at all.

Does anyone know the last time a majority of the elegible voters voted?

Curt Howland [Howland@Priss.com]


Death by "Gun Control": The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament, by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens. The new book from JPFO.

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