L. Neil Smith's
Number 196, October 28, 2002


Prophecies Of War And Horror
by David A. Garrett, Jr.

Special to TLE

Our country wants answers, answers that are held secretly by our government. We have just been informed, although we knew it all along, that North Korea has broken a 1994 Agreed Framework by having nuclear weapons in its arsenal. What does this mean for us? Unfortunately, more war and more lives that will be lost, but the Bush administration is keeping their focus on Iraq right now and saving North Korea for later.

Why are we not ready to battle the others in the "axis of evil?" It is because North Korea is backed by Russia and China. But isn't Iraq backed by them also? Yes, but Russia and China hold less interests in Iraq and if we fight North Korea we will be dealing with a lot of those feisty Chinese soldiers, the ones that will bite at your heels if you take their gun, the ones that will pick up their arm and slap you with it if you blow it off. They may be the weaker of the human species, but they outnumber us like cows.

This "war on terrorism" will drag out through the end of Bush's presidency. What then? Who's next? We will have to see how our next president handles it. The candidates will most likely be Hillary Clinton or Al Gore for the Democrats. It is possible for Bush to run again, but he will not win. As for another Republican, I do not know. I am clueless when it comes to who's running and my opinion is not worth shit. However, when it comes to war, I have a crystal ball in front of me and I can see what's going to happen.

We will defeat Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein. There is no doubt about it. We will burn his body over the torch of the Statue of Liberty and savagely tear it apart with our own teeth. Soon after, we will take over the oil fields and spend more money on Homeland Security. Then when we are through with Iraq we will form an international coalition consisting of Mexico and Australia. We will try to defeat North Korea, but it will never happen. Thousands will lay dead at the feet of the towering Chinese and we will withdraw troops only to send them to work in Iraq pumping oil until another Bush comes into office.

The truth is sick but it is reality. This is what will happen in the next two years and what comes next is anyone's guess. Most likely it will be the Apocalypse and the end of the world, but not before I get to have my fun.


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