Battered Women's Syndrome: Science Or Sham?

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Number 196, October 28, 2002


IN THIS ISSUE: politics as usual, BWS takes a beating, and a plea from a "regular".

Letters To The Editor
Letters from Carl Bussjaeger, from Tom Wyman, from Scott Cattanach, and from Curt Howland:

W, As In "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
by Douglas F. Newman
When someone extracts my fingernails very slowly, I do not care about his political affiliation, his religion or the steamy details of his sex life. He is a bad person who has harmed me, and deserves to be punished.

Show-me "Horrible Spectacle"
by Mark Lamoree
Some spectacles are so horrible as to compel one's attention. Traffic accidents involving a great deal of blood, and astoundingly obese people jogging in gonad-revealing spandex are examples. So is the Talent-Carnahan race. Consider the main players in all their glory: Jean Carnahan, a woman placed in office after Missourians elected her dead husband. Jim Talent, a man with all the presence of Jiminy the Cricket, and the principles of a time-share condo salesman. Every commercial break here in Kansas City is plagued by ads in which the candidates snipe at each other and hurl accusations of hypocrisy and malfeasance. The spectacle is made more entertaining because each is exactly as contemptible as their opponent says.

Battered Women's Syndrome: Science Or Sham?
by Wendy McElroy
As Domestic Violence Awareness Month nears its end, organizations like the California Coalition for Battered Women in Prison are calling loudly for the mass pardoning of "battered" women who have been convicted of first-degree murder.

Prophecies Of War And Horror
by David A. Garrett, Jr.
Our country wants answers, answers that are held secretly by our government. We have just been informed, although we knew it all along, that North Korea has broken a 1994 Agreed Framework by having nuclear weapons in its arsenal. What does this mean for us? Unfortunately, more war and more lives that will be lost, but the Bush administration is keeping their focus on Iraq right now and saving North Korea for later.

Charity, Libertarian Style
by Derek A Benner
Those of you TLE readers who have perused the Letters to the Editor over the last few issues are familiar with my name, yet you probably don't know much about me. So, as part of this document, I will give you some of my background, as it relates to my topic.

by the Editor


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