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Number 198, November 11, 2002


The Results Are In
by Dennis Kabaczy

Exclusive to TLE

The results are in, and we are now a nation under one party rule. Now that both houses of Congress are in the hands of the Republicans, we can look forward to more assaults on our liberty, done at a faster pace. "Gridlock" has been removed; gridlock being, of course, the debate and fractiousness that the founders deliberately placed into the functioning of our government to thwart the headlong rush to a police state.

Only thirty nine percent of the eligible voters went to the polls on Tuesday, yet the Republicans are claiming a mandate. Even though sixty one percent of the electorate felt it wasn't worth the bother. At a time in our nation's history when we are facing some of the most serious threats to Freedom, only 39% take the time to vote. Do you think it might be because people are finally beginning to realize that their vote doesn't matter? Republican or Democrat, the march toward a police state continues. Look at some of the legislation sure to come up, such as the "Homeland Security Bill". About the only thing the left leaning statist party did that was right, was to hold up this bill, even if for the wrong reasons.

Think they aren't already planning to move this piece of excrescence? As reported on www.atnewyork.com/news/article.php/1496101, "Steve Cooper, special assistant to President George W. Bush and CIO of the White House's Office of Homeland Security, is calling for a national network of federal, state and local governments, along with certain private sector industries, to help speed and share security information." Let us add, within a department that will include functions of the Border Patrol, INS, Coast Guard, FEMA, the Departments of Defense, and Commerce. There is also talk of turning the National Guard into a national police force. As if we don't already have enough with the ATF, FBI, and DEA among others. For a brief critique of the homeland security bill, go to www.hrw.org/press/2002/09/us0927.htm and see what Human Rights Watch thinks about it. I don't necessarily agree with everything they say, especially about small arms, but the following statement says it all: "The new Department of Homeland Security would include roughly 180,000 employees from 22 federal agencies, including 74,300 armed federal agents. The legislation represents the most significant reorganization of the U.S. government in over 50 years." Doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?

And should you think that the new Republican congress would follow up on what happened Bloody Tuesday 2001, don't look for anything soon. The new Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee will be Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan. "Roberts has been one of the CIA's biggest defenders, complaining that agency leaders were being put on trial by Democrats second-guessing decisions in the months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks." (msnbc.com/news/828323.asp?0si=-&cp1=1)

Yes, the results are in. One party rule, more snooping, more police, and more covering up; only the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of America's transformation into a police state.

Dennis Kabaczy is a Certified Physician's Assistant in the Metro Detroit area. Living with him at home are a spousal unit, and her daughter. He is active in the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners and enjoys shooting both modern and cowboy action styles.


The State vs. The People, by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman

Is America becoming a police state? Friends of liberty need to know.

Some say the U.S. is already a police state. Others watch the news for signs that their country is about to cross an indefinable line. Since September 11, 2001, the question has become more urgent. When do roving wiretaps, random checkpoints, mysterious "detentions," and military tribunals cross over from being emergency measures to being the tools of a government permanently and irrevocably out of control?

The State vs. the People examines these crucial issues. But first, it answers this fundamental question: "What is a police state?"

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