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You Are Suspected

by Kent Van Cleave"

Number 198, November 11, 2002


Letters To The Editor
Letters from R. P. Cooper, Susan W. Wells, Jim Davidson, Brian Gross, Tom Johnson, Derek Benner, Angela Harms, Joseph Crowe, and Bill St. Clair:

Confessions Of A Techno-dependent Writer
by Patrick K Martin
A 'T', I don't believe this, A Godforsaken friggin' 'T'. Here I sit, hunched over a hot monitor, straining every neuron, focusing every insight, directing every fiber of my existence toward the goal of producing one of the finest essays I am capable of writing, and what is the result? A friggin' T! There it was, you saw it, right in the middle of the last paragraph of my article "Why I will not Vote!" It practically leapt off the screen at me, A bloody T. It was supposed to be an "I", but you probably figured that out. I am thoroughly disgusted. I use the spell checker, I use the grammar checker, I read the damned article, and I end up with a T. Someday's it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

You Call This 'Democracy'?
by Carl Bussjaeger
As the US election season closes (and did you get your bag limit of politicians?), here's a little something to think about. And hopefully all those anti-American terrorists whom Bloody Rumsfeld is intentionally stirring up(1) will see this, too.

The Results Are In
by Dennis Kabaczy
The results are in, and we are now a nation under one party rule. Now that both houses of Congress are in the hands of the Republicans, we can look forward to more assaults on our liberty, done at a faster pace. "Gridlock" has been removed; gridlock being, of course, the debate and fractiousness that the founders deliberately placed into the functioning of our government to thwart the headlong rush to a police state.

Equal Access Does Not Guarantee Equal Outcome
by Wendy McElroy
The election's postmortem analysis will be haunted by a shrill complaint: "Not enough women were elected!" The accusation should be ignored because there is no proper ratio of female versus male office holders. Whoever receives the largest vote total in a free election is the proper winner regardless of gender, race, or religion.

A Manhattan~Canada?
by Lowell Potter
Last night, after getting dinner variously roasting and simmering, I reclined in front of the idiot box. With a large beaker of happy juice in my hand, I would wait for the stove to do its work. Precisely plumping the pillows to facilitate an agreeable drinking posture, I tasted the first sips of my generously concocted Manhattan~Canada, a Waist Watcher Ginger Ale softened blend of fiery Northern whiskeys and institutional strength California sweet vermouth on four very large rocks.

by the Editor
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