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Letter from Scott Tillman

Letter from Joel Gehman

Letter from MacGregor K. Phillips

Letter from Mimbreno Chiracahua

Letter from Letters from MacGregor K. Phillips on The Attempt to Steal your E-gold Password

Letter from Michael McKibbin

Letter from Jason P Sorens



I am 50 years old and on the CPAP program. I am not nearly as overweight as you are but I could stand to be a little more svelte. I have always snored, smoking did not help.

That expensive beast the medical monopoly gives you could probably be designed with a lot less overhead. They even installed a "smart" card that I am to turn in once in awhile so they can track my sleeping patterns. Sheesh!

I have been looking into modeling an "off the shelf" version that just about anybody could put together with "pocket" change. My thought is that a simple aquarium pump and a permeable mask might work rather nicely. My medical monopoly model runs at about 4 to 5 lbs. pressure.

Quick review for the physics impaired. The CPAP device provides a slight positive air pressure while you sleep (provided the mask does not creep you out). The theory and practice is that this pressure keeps the throat and what ever closes down to cause the apnea open much like inflating a balloon. It works for me!. I am sure with a little fiddling I could have a design to donate to the public domain soon.

I know you did not wake up one morning to find yourself overweight. Consequently you will not wake up overnight and be thin. Eat right and keep on living free! Good luck.

Scott Tillman [stillman@gallatinriver.net]


Those people who insist that putting none of the above on ballots miss the point. In order to have a real choice, two more choices must appear on all ballots.....1) abolish this office forever and 2)abolish this government forever.

Here's an idea I've been kicking around...perhaps to write a short story on eventually. What about actually running for a Congressional seat with a single campaign promise: "I promise that if elected, I will not willingly enter the city of Washington DC at any time during my term of office." That would be a "none-of-the-above" vote that couldn't be ignored. It'd probably be eventually useless, as Congress would probably invalidate it and either have the governor appoint someone or run a special election. But it definitely wouldn't be ignored, as "none-of-the-above" tends to be.

You could get even more publicity for this race by offering to guarantee that single promise with your life, i.e. "if I break my promise, feel free to assassinate me." (Compare that to every politician in the land who lies through his teeth time and again, and never suffers any repercussions. Lieing to the public by a "public servant" ought to be a capital offense.) Such an unusual pair of campaign statements ought to generate a fair bit of free buzz.

So...who's up for running for Congress?

Joel Gehman [j_gehman@yahoo.com]


This quote from an article in Reasononline, titled "Fusion Power", by Brian Doherty, sums up my views on voting quite well:

The old saw about those who don't vote having no right to complain gets it backward: Those who do vote are implicitly agreeing to the rules of the system whereby the winner takes all, and thus have no right to complain.

In my mind, those who vote are also agreeing to abide 100% by the laws, rules, regulations, etc. passed by the winners. So, if you voted on the losing side, by the very act of voting, you agree to become a slave to the winning masters. By the way, I did not vote.

MacGregor K. Phillips

NAP ... ZAP ... CRAP?

I see the libertarians are at it again. Changing the Non-Aggression Principle (aka the NAP) to the Zero-Aggression Principle (ZAP). I guess you hope this face-lift will help sell to the rubes better. When that fails to usher in unbridled freedom I suggest you try a little honesty and change it again to the Completely Rejecting Aggression Principle or CRAP.

Mimbreno Chiracahua [mchiracahua@yahoo.com]


I have just received this from e-gold. Thought you might like to know about it. Any idea what is going on or what may be behind it?

MacGregor K. Phillips
TAN$TAAFL Software Company

----- Original Message -----
From: Service EG
To: e-gold customer
Sent: 15. November 2002 11:31 PM
Subject: [e-gold-service] We have set a value limit on your e-gold account

Dear e-gold customer,

This is a due diligence request.

We have set a value limit on your e-gold account (For security purposes, your e-gold account number is not specified in this email.) of US $500 in accordance with Right of Association provisions of the e-gold Account User Agreement:


If we detect that multiple e-gold accounts are being used to circumvent this value limit, we will set the value limit on all related accounts to zero without further notice in accordance with e- gold Ltd.'s Right of Association Policy located in the e-gold Account User Agreement (see Refusal Without Cause).

We require the following immediate action:

1. Review point of contact and User information via the applicable form from the e-gold Account Manager:


We may verify the accuracy of this information (see item 3 below); therefore, it is imperative that this information be complete and correct. Promptly make any necessary changes via the web interface.

If verification efforts demonstrate any information to be incorrect, we will set the value limit on your e-gold account to zero without further notice.

2. Mail (or preferably, use a courier service such as Fed Ex or DHL) original notarized copies of all of the following information:

a) A signed and notarized affidavit listing: Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the principal owners of e-gold account.

b) Copy of a telephone or utility bill that has the same address stated in item A.

c) Notarized copies of Passport or Driver's license of each principal owner.

[Other requirements added dependent on situation]

addressed to:

175 East Nasa Blvd.
Suite 300
Melbourne, FL 32901
Attn: Due Diligence Unit

If all requested information is not received within fourteen (14) business days, the value limit on your e-gold account will be set to zero without further notice.

If all requested information is received within the allotted response interval, the value limit on your e-gold account will be removed.

3. We will verify physical address of record (see item 1) via postal mail. If we are unable to verify physical address, we will set the value limit on your e-gold account to zero without further notice.


Due Diligence Unit
- - -

-----Original Message-----
From: Top Secret Crypto Admin [mailto:admin@topsecretcrypto.com]
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 11:56 AM
To: Service EG
Subject: [e-gold-service] Re: We have set a value limit on your e-gold account

Dear Sir,

Please state the reason for this request.

MacGregor K. Phillips
TAN$TAAFL Software Company
- - -

I received this from e-gold in response to my inquiry. Something you may want to warn your readers about.

MacGregor K. Phillips
TAN$TAAFL Software Company

----- Original Message -----
From: Service EG
To: Top Secret Crypto Admin
Cc: Service EG
Sent: 16. November 2002 3:21 AM
Subject: RE: [e-gold-service] Re: We have set a value limit on your e-gold account

The email you received was not sent by e-gold Ltd. It was a fraudulent attempt to compromise your e-gold account. We are in the process of getting the ISP provider to shut down the illegal site. If you entered your account information using the email below, please change your passphrase immediately!

Also, please bookmark the correct e-gold site https://www.e-gold.com and only access it via your bookmark or type it into your browser window. Also, never access your e-gold account via a link in an email message even if the message appears to come from e-gold. Thanks

Due Diligence Unit


For those of you who do not consistently review TLE or ask for it FREE, on a weekly basis, - by email - I would encourage that you do. <gargles> Sometimes it is rather banal. Other times, quite pontific. "You" are the only "critic;" meaning you can read as much or as little as you like AND YOU CAN FEED BACK IF YOU WISH TOO, also!

Gosh, what more can you ask from an ezine?!? These folks are beginning to look like PlayBoys "Readers Forum." <chuckles> Well, their heart is in the right place. They have Wendy McElroy: http://www.ifeminists.com/homepage/ a frequent contributor who is just SOLID PEOPLE. She is one of many "consistent contributors" male and female. Other writers just "come 'out of the blue," on topics that they wish to discourse on. Some are quite gifted, others not so much so -- but generally "interesting."

Seriously folks: take an HOUR OFF -- and JUST CHECK IT OUT! http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/index.html

Really, skip that "establishment" boob tube show (for a change of pace) and take a look "in print" (on the web) at what the "anti- establishment" "libertarian" "anarchists" views are as regards to "how the world turns (or perhaps should, without so much government?")


P.S. Libertarians believe in "your right to yourself;" so, <chuckles> OBVIOUSLY I get no compensation for this "plug."

[Hey, <snorts> I won't even be acknowledged for doing it unless, of course, someone does not like it then perhaps it will come down on me like resounding thunder from folks like Mike Haas, purported "Administrator" for the NRA-Members Councils.

Apparently the "NRA" "Administrator" responds to a: "get out the vote and who to vote for?" missive from me with a total lack of information from him on the subject; but an absolute zeal to control the membership from responding. Quite an interesting effort on my part and his. Got accused of "spam" via my ISP by Haas; and I don't even have a clue as to who he is other than what he purports to be. Silly. I feel sort of like "Radio Free Michael vs. the NRA." That really is "sad/'stupid!"

Anyone know "what," "who" Mike Haas is other than what he purports to be as regards NRA in California? As regards being "Administrator" does that mean that he is responsible/permitted to interdict information from others that might want to receive or even might want to give some input back on the subject?!?]

{Fortunately you will find that the editor of TLE (who may or may not publish this) is REALLY CANDID. Hey -- John will publish a hit to his own back side and willingly "trade blows." John is NOT a Mike Haas that hides in the shadows of some "other authority." John is his own man! I am proud of him for that along the same lines as I am the other contributors to TLE. <snortles> Talk about some "whoopins" - wow - golly - but - they all sign up in their own name. (Polite rule seems to be: you fling the other punch via TLE if you have a "public" swing to fling back. (I guess otherwise folks may just "get together in person" by email and settle the score. There seems to be not that much "personal" animosity, just differences of opinion that are WORTH airing in public debate.))}

Michael McKibbin [lawsex@tns.net]


Dear Free-Staters:

There are some exciting new ways to get involved in promoting the FSP. I'll mention just a few of them here.

First, we have a new website feature called the "Activist Activator." This feature allows anyone to create and design his own publicity project and post status updates publicly over time. For example, you can set yourself a goal of calling into four different talk radio shows about the FSP and report on your progress. You can access and use the Activist Activator here: http://www.freestateproject.org/activator/

Second, if you want to advertise in our future newsletter, Tim Condon is taking care of that. He says, "Okay everybody, it's time to think about the upcoming Free State Project Newsletter. It will be printed out and mailed to every signed-up Porcupine except for those who opt out of the snail mailing (which we encourage; you'll be able to download and print it off from an online site). One of the things we're going to have in the FSP Newsletter is a CLASSIFIEDS SECTION. There will be "Personals," "Services," "Stuff for Sale," "Lifemates and Companions," "Jobs," "Business and Working Together Opportunities," and anything else all of you care to put in. Send your Classified requests to me at tim@free-market.net>"

Third, we are now doing "endorsement swaps" with other e-mail newsletters: if they mention us in their newsletter, we mention them in ours. We were recently mentioned in the Tax Freedom 101 newsletter. This free weekly e-zine is a great source of news about the freedom movement, particularly tax-limitation efforts. We encourage you to check them out at http://www.taxfreedom101.com - you can read past issues on their website.

Fourth, we are still looking for media list keepers for the following states:

N. Dakota
New Mexico
Rhode Island
S. Dakota
W. Virginia

If you live in one of these states, please consider helping us out in maintaining a list of media outlets in your state. Our press releases have gotten us a great deal of favorable attention and bring in new members. To help out, email Kristine at kbrooks@cts.com.

Fifth, we have local groups starting up. There have already been meetings in Georgia, Maryland, and Houston, Texas, and new groups are starting up all the time! So to meet some of your future neighbors in person, post on our Local Groups board: http://forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?board=14

Sixth and finally, we have revamped the How to Help page with several new, ongoing projects for which we need volunteers. Most of these are small tasks that do not require much time at all. Check out the How to Help page at: http://www.freestateproject.org/help.htm


Jason P Sorens [jason.sorens@yale.edu]

http://www.freestateproject.org - Do you want liberty in your lifetime?

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