L. Neil Smith's
Number 199, November 18, 2002


Happy Now?
by Carl Bussjaeger

Exclusive to TLE

The US election season has come and - with a couple of exceptions - gone. The abandoned campaign signs are getting tattered, and blowing away in the breeze.

As is the US Constitution that some folks still believed in.

Now that their offices are secure for a couple of years, the politicians are dropping their faux smiles. Just as they're dropping their pants. And grabbing the Vaseline, and preparing to screw us again.

That bloody bastard Rumsfeld is preparing for the possibility that the War Department will take over the prosecution of accused-terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, since the Injustice Department is no longer sure they can actually get a conviction in an honest civilian court. Moussaoui is nobody's favorite, but once you start violating your own rules to screw someone, where do you draw the line?

And on which side of that line of persecution might you find yourself?

Meanwhile, just to be sure that they can properly categorize and track you, Rumsfeld has his old buddy Poindexter preparing a super- ECHELON/Carnivore, with the express purpose of spying on Americans. Bill of Rights? What Bill of Rights? Posse Comitatus? Never heard of it.

And just to be sure that Americans remember that there is a terrorist threat that justifies this rape, Rumsfeld is setting up his little PPOG, to stir up the terrorists and get them to attack Americans. This is Protection?

Digression: I'll bet you can guess who's greasing for North American Samizdat's JBT Award for November.

Lest you get the idea that this is just a single bureaucratic psychopath running amok, take a look at Dick Armey's HR5710, the Homeland Security bill in the House. Most of these little freedom transgressions are specifically authorized. Unwarranted, warrantless snooping is the order of the day. Not that Rummy-boy is bothering to wait for that authorization.

All of which brings us back to the elections.

Did you vote? Were you one of the people who officially registered with the State, and agreed to their rules, endorsed their system? Did you voluntarily participate in a dubious poll to determine who will the rule America for the next two years?

If so, you're a part of the system that put the paranoid, control- freak, Republican branch of the American Secret Socialist Party into power. Even if you didn't vote for them, you tacitly approved of the process and results.

You are who the bloodsuckers in DC claim gave them a mandate to rape your freedom.

Happy now?

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