L. Neil Smith's
Number 200, November 25, 2002


Note from the Editor

It is with great pleasure, and a little awe, that I submit to you the 200th issue of The Libertarian Enterprise. When Neil first began talking about this on the Lever Action bulletin board -- back about '92, if I recall correctly -- it sounded like a great idea to me. I was looking forward to seeing it, and perhaps even making a minor contribution to the effort.

Now, here we are, seven years in. In 1995, we published three issues, one a month, starting in October. The first few issues contained articles by a host of libertarianism's lights.

Our first editor was the lovely and talented Yiing Boardman, to whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude for setting the "administrative" tone for TLE -- and demonstrating great patience in the face of adversity. Yiing shepherded us through 20 issues in 1996 -- we increased frequency of publication in August to biweekly -- and deep into 1997, when she was succeeded by the equally lovely and talented Cathy L.Z. Smith, who rode herd over the remainder of 1997 and all of 1998.

On May Day 2000, we went weekly. Since that date, we've delivered 130 issues to your screen, some good, some mediocre -- or, as Michael McKibbin succinctly put it recently: <<Sometimes it is rather banal. Other times, quite pontific. ... These folks are beginning to look like PlayBoys "Readers Forum." Well, their heart is in the right place. [Some] writers just "come 'out of the blue," on topics that they wish to discourse on. Some are quite gifted, others not so much so -- but generally "interesting".>> On behalf of the gifted and "not so much so" among us, thank you.

Throughout TLE's lifetime, the web version has been lovingly crafted by Ken Holder and his significant other, the lovely and talented "Dangerous Pat". To him we owe more than we can say -- maybe someday even some money, eh Ken? [ha ha! ho ho! and hee hee! --KH]

It was Neil's vision that crafted The Libertarian Enterprise, and he has supported it unfailingly for seven years, in spite of the fact that doing so is purely a labor of love, and every moment spent takes away from his "time to earn". Nonetheless, he has been stalwart in his support through thick and thin, always willing to take the precious time to nurture his "baby".

Last, but far from least, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed a link, a letter, or an article to TLE over the years. Each and every contribution has been appreciated (yes, Mr. Bryant, each and every one). And to our loyal readers, who comment on, clip and pass on, and "signaturize" the words of our contributors, your attention is the purest form of appreciation. For that I am especially grateful. I value each reader and I'd like to think that we always try to deliver the best product and service that we can.

There may be changes to TLE upcoming, but of one thing you may be sure: our dedication to you remains constant and unfailing.

John Taylor
Editor, TLE

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