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Look What They Made Us Do to America!

by Kent Van Cleave
Welcome to Homeland Security

Number 201, December 2, 2002


Letters To The Editor
Letters from Carl Bussjaeger, Jack Jerome, Ed Williams, Robert Bass, MacGregor K. Phillips, Mike Pare, and Jack Jerome again:

Unintended Evangelism
by Joel Simon
Okay, so I live and work in northern California. Now and then I try to remember how I ended up here, but it's all just too depressing. I work in a no-smoking, multi-ethnic office that's so gosh-darn correct a girlie tool calendar would spontaneously combust if it were ever so foolish as to pass through the door. I'm from Detroit, ma'am. My idea of a mixed drink is ice in my whiskey, and my closet doesn't contain designer anything. I'm so obviously the token angry white guy that just showing up for work regularly is an act of social aggression.

"Revenge of the Nerds"
by William Stone, III
The "Homeland Security Act" is the usual kind of atrocity that we've all come to expect from the would-be slave-holders in Washington. In an astounding violation of their Oaths of Office, lawmakers have passed a bill that violates every single one of the Bill of Rights.

Fifth Amendment?
by Dennis Kabaczy
Want to see the future of interrogation? Look no further than Oxnard, California, where Oliverio Martinez has filed a lawsuit, against the Oxnard Police.

by Carl Bussjaeger
I could be in an interesting position. The feds now admit that they have various lists of un-approved "subversives". These are tallies of people who have committed no crimes, but whom the government distrusts, fears, or hates. Several versions of one such list were distributed to banks, major employers, credit institutions... pretty much any outfit that might encounter someone on the list. A lot of companies started using incarnations of the list for background checks: If you appear on that one, forget opening a new bank account or getting a job.

There is a Storm Brewing
by Michael Peirce
There was a headline on Drudge recently that contained a strong hint of the coming storm: Song Mocking Schroeder Tops German Pop Charts ... It's about the lies and broken promises of the head of state in Germany, Europe's strongest nation. Herr Schroeder claimed he was going to cut taxes and get control of the kleptocracy -- he sounded much like Clinton in fact. Now his erstwhile German supporters are publicly mocking him. The fabric is coming unraveled in Europe, in the United States, South America, all over the world. Wherever men sought to worship government as their god, their god has been profaned. The problem with idols is that they don't deliver. It feels good at first, dancing around the altar and swearing fealty to some graven image that promises the lifetime gravy train, and of course, all the illicit sex you can handle. But it always comes unwound.

Amending the Constitution, Part 28
by Lehr Duquesne
I know, every politician runs for office swearing to uphold the Constitution, and as soon as he finds out that it doesn't authorize his pet schemes, he either ignores his oath, or proposes to amend it. Maybe I'm no different. You be the judge.

Fighting Feminists: Aren't We All Women?
by Wendy McElroy
How do you view women who say they've been battered by their husbands, sexually harassed, or otherwise victimized by a man? Do you feel a stab of skepticism at the accusation and wonder whether the man involved will be treated fairly in court? If so, you may be experiencing a consequence of PC feminism.

by the Editor
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