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by MoPaul

Number 217, March 31, 2003


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Letters To The Editor
Letters from James Odle, Renata Russell, Jeffrey Schwartz, Lee Daniel Crocker, Caleb Paul, Angel Shamaya, Steve Witter, and Jim Monaghan:

Liar Liar
by C. Chris Telander
Second Amendment advocates, sadly, are more than passingly familiar with the argument that rights are subject to "reasonable" restrictions. When, on occasion, the genocide enabling morons who refer to themselves as "gun control advocates" are forced into a position where they must condescend to acknowledge that the 2nd Amendment does indeed protect an individual right, the "reasonable" restrictions argument is their primary fallback position.

Sign Codes and Free Speech: Sometimes the Good Guys Win
by Joe Bommarito
A municipal Code is a compendium of ordinances, the local laws through which a municipality regulates practically everything not regulated by state or federal government. A sign ordinance is a fearsome thing. Usually unreadable and contradictory, it restricts and prohibits signs. It regulates the size and placement of signs, sign lighting, banners, flags, pennants, how long portable signs can be placed, setbacks from the street, on and on, ad infinitum. It often succeeds in regulating content.

Me and Century International Arms:
A Capitalist Response to Producers of Junk

by Patrick K Martin
I have decided to destroy a company. It's not a decision which I have made lightly, nor do I believe it will be easy. I may not succeed, but I will try, and at the very least I will do them major damage. I do this not simply because they sold me a defective weapon. I do this not because they made me mad, which they have. No, I do this because I feel that it is my duty as a capitalist. I know that sounds funny, but I will explain that in a moment.

The Emperor has no Clothes
by William Stone, III
Last year, in response to Congressman Ron Paul's attempt to adhere to the Constitutional requirement of declaring war before the President may act as Commander-in-Chief, Speaker Hastert declared that the Constitution was "no longer relevant to modern society." Admittedly, he didn't intend to include the entire Constitution, simply that section that specifies that it is the function of Congress to declare war. The problem is that once you start being selective in your application of the Constitution, it becomes possible to ignore all of it.

The War on Iraq: Hegemony or Freedom?
by Caleb Paul
I don't believe in democracy. To me, it appears as tyranny of the masses, three wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. However, those who do believe in democracy in the west should be taking a long hard look at its future and true objectives.

The Undiscovered Country
by Mike Straw
Imagine you're embarking on a journey to an undiscovered country whose history and customs, its heroes and geography, its language and way of life are totally foreign to you.

History, The Vampire Killer
by Manuel Miles
On Saturday, 22 March, I demonstrated, along with 20 000 other Edmontonians, against the Anglo-American Empire's (current) war against Iraq. These demonstrations are organised by a small number of socialists of various hues, and they do a pretty good job, for the most part. They seem to have an inability to notice that most of the demonstrators are not socialists, but they are basically good folks who still believe that social problems can and/or should be solved by The Almighty State.

Laying Down "The White Woman's Burden"
by Wendy McElroy
I try to look into the face of the long-suffering Muslim woman into whose world Americans have entered as soldiers. But a common complaint runs through the literature in which Muslim women describe themselves: they accuse the West of misrepresenting them. If so, who are they? What is the face of the Muslim woman?

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